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[Guides] Hero Selection and Help Thread

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Posted on 8/22/15 11:46:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I personally would use the team of Pumpkin Duke, Immortep, Santa, Harpy Queen, Druid then add in Thunder God but also keep orksbane leveled as well because of his use in lost realm, lost battle field, mesa and guild boss fight. If you choose to level orksbane as well then say level 120 and 4/10 skill will do fine for now.

Pumpkin Duke to 7/10 then 8/10 when you can manage it. Reasoning is he is important for all game modes including boss fight that will help fund you leveling your heroes.

Immortep's skill is fine where it is

Santa Boom to 6/10 skill atleast. After pumpkin duke is 8/10 work on santa booms skill to 7/9. Reason is he is helpful in Here Be Monsters

Harpy Queen not really sure

Druid to 5/10 skill. When you get the 6th base it will need to be 5/10 to heal all 6 heroes.

Then for the 6th slot I would pick between Thunder God or Orksbane depending on how you play.

Thunder God is good for raising because of the ability to kill heroes if a hero killer place  on the opposite side of a base of the town hall.

Orksbane is decent everywhere.

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Posted on 9/2/15 11:41:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi I am most definitely in need of some assistance,  I've only been playing about 1&1/2 months. My hero's are:

Druid,     87, 3/10 , 5/5 heavens wrath
Santa,    80, 3/10, 1/8 self destruct
Snow,     80, 2/10, 2/8 stone skin
DK,          80, 3/10, 1/8 blade
Warlock, 80, 3/10, 1/5 enlighten
Vlad,       55, 1/10, 1/8 berserk (just rolled him)

Others: all 3/10
Assassin, 78, 3/8 serk,  executioner 76,1/8 ten. Shaman 60, 5/5 corrode. Angel 60, 1/5 revite. Marksman, 60, 1/8 heavy. Hill giant, 60, 4/8 life drain. Triton 60, 3/8 self.

Couple of questions:
should I still be saving my shards for a different hero or can use them for leveling up who I have? What's your OP for my main five?  I need to who to give my precious few hb's to.

I mostly do hbm, arena, dungeons, 2 quest boards a day . I've tried hero trials but can't get past the second one. Just joined a guild yesterday but haven't done any of the multiplayer stuff yet, don't think my guys are good enough yet but I would really love to start. I'm consistently getting beaten in arena as they always match me up with people who have 120+ level heroes. And I can't get past D in hbm. I'm just under 10k might. In short I'm tired of getting my a$$ kicked, any help would be greatly appreciated! !!

Posted on 9/5/15 1:30:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


Don't bother buying any more heroes for now so use any available shards on leveling your creatures.

Main 5

Santa boom
Death Knight

skill levels

vlad to 4/10> Druid to 4/10> Vlad to 5/10> Santa Boom to 5/10.

You could vary but Vlad and Santa boom will do wonders for your progression with Hbm being the main mode they effect so leveling their skills should be the bulk of your attention.


Vlad to 100 asap> santa> druid> warlock/DeathKnight.

Again Vlad and santa are important with vlad doing a bulk of the damage in hbm and with enough attention the ability to solo up to Wave J if needed(you're far from it though)

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Posted on 9/9/15 4:50:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi who would you level up next of my team? And who would you use as your main heroes?

My team: 

Cupid lvl 100, 4/10, Talent: 3/8 Flame guard

Druid lvl 95, 3/10, Talent: 4/5 Revitalize

Thunderstorm lvl 92, 3/10, Talent: 3/8 Life drain

Snowzilla lvl 81, 3/10, Talent: 2/8 Deadly strike

Aries lvl 80, 3/10, Talent: 3/8 Revive

Grizzly Reaper lvl 80, 3/10,  Talent: 4/8 Deadly Strike

Ninja lvl 80, 3/10, Talent: 1/8 Revive

Champion lvl 80, 1/10, Talent: 4/5 Enlighten

I mostly use Cupid, Druid, Thunderstorm, Aries and recently level up Snowzilla and I am thinking of changing Grizzly Reaper and use Snowzilla instead. 

What hero you would use in dungeons,raids,here be monsters(hbm) or any other game mode?

Posted on 9/9/15 5:12:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

انا عايز اعرف الوحوش بتيجي ازاي

Posted on 9/9/15 10:48:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1) Pumkin Duke
2) Pixie
3) Druid
4) Santa Boom
5) Serpent
6) Executioner
7) Ice demon

Please help 

Posted on 9/11/15 2:15:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


For raids and dungeons

Thunder God

For Hbm/ht


Raids and dungeons I would choose reaper over snowzilla because his proc is almost always useful along with his ability to fly over walls. Thunder God also has a place in the team because his ability to kill heroes if you place him on the opposite end of a base than the townhall. Away from townhall=good

For Hbm and Ht I like snowzilla and Thundergods synergy but I guess it depends on your base and setup. At the very least I think it would be better for Hero trials.

Boss fight I would use Thunder God as the tank but still drop him away from the boss like you would a range creature and if possible delay dropping druid until needed. Unless of course your druid has slow down crests.


Thunder god

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Posted on 9/11/15 2:16:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


Pumpkin Duke
Santa Boom
Serpent Queen

Don't invest into the serpent queen too much.

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Posted on 9/16/15 3:12:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for you answer Pinstealth

Ive received some new heroes now :D

Here is what I am using for raids now
1)Pumkin Duke
2)Thunder God
3)Santa Boom

I got a paladin and I dont know what I am gonna do with him XD

Posted on 9/17/15 7:38:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Admittedly,  I will never understand the mechanics of this game like  most of you. I spent the bulk of my CC career (lol) struggling to roll good heroes.....but seemingly all at once I loaded up with a pretty good team of heroes..

So.... I'd like some reccomendations on the best all around team for HBM/ raids  and some advice for lost realms ( I'm stuck and cant beat anything on my "board";)

Here`s what I have

154 druid 6\10  1/8 beserk
154 PD 8\10 4\8 beserk
154 orksbane 6\10 3\8 war god
148 vlad 6\10 5\5 enlighten
146 warlock 6\10 4\5 revitalize
143 death knight 6\10 3\8 bulwark

Currently sitting the bench
150 reaper, 146 immortep, 145 aries,  119 santa boom  (and all the regular legendaries tg, sb, pal, champ, snow etc)

Been using gems to reroll talents, no real luck yet. Any advice is welcomed.