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[Guides] Priority System for Buildings + Their Units

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Some recent tests have shown me how buildings act. Just like the aggro priority system, there is a priority system for buildings and their actions. Resources in vaults always fill and deplete in a certain order; troops will always be removed from camps in a certain order when they are donated or lost in raids; and certain hero bases/troop camps have a tendancy to be targeted by SM procs when running HBM, or from reaper/aries in raids.

The first built building of its kind will have first priority, and all succeeding buildings will have next priority in their respective order.

When raiding, you may notice certain vaults fill up before others. You may also notice these vaults deplete in a certain order. The first built vault on your base will always fill and deplete before any other vaults. Similarly, the most recently built vault will fill and deplete last.

Here's how you can use this to your benefit: When raiding, you'll want to place the earliest vaults inside your base to protect resources. No point having your first vault on the outside with full resources. In case you don't fill all vaults 100%, if you know which is your last vault, you can swap it with another vault since you know it won't collect any resources. Conversely, when spending gold either on upgrades or for magic in dungeons, you'll want your earliest vault on the outside since it will be depleted last. If your shield goes down, then your newest "full" vaults will be protected on the inside.

Yes, I realize only mid-low level players will care about protecting resources this way. All you veterans can dismiss this trick since you probably don't care about protecting resources anymore. Regardless, this is how vaults work.

Similarly to vaults, troops in camps behave with a first-built priority system. You may notice certain camps are holding the left-over troops when you donate for quests. The way it works for quests is, all troops in camp #1 are removed, then all from camp #2, and so on until only troops in camp #4 remain (if any).

Raids/dungeons, on the other hand, have troops removed one by one in order of camps. Instead of having all troops removed from camp #1, they have one removed from #1, one removed from #2, and continues until all camps are even, then the cycle starts back from camp #1. If a camp has more troops than another camp, then the most populated camps will have troops removed until all camps are even.

HBM/Defense follows a different but similar pattern to quest donations. When running HBM I-J, you may notice some camps absorb a lot more SM missiles than other camps. This is because the earliest built camps have the highest tendancy to be targeted. For some reason, a major % of SM missiles will hit the first and second camp while the newest camp will usually go untouched. Of course, as the troop amount lowers, the chance newer camps will get hit rises.

How to use this to your advantage: The only place that really can benefit from this knowledge is HBM. You can create a strategy to balance camps across 5 waves by subtracting some amount of troops for each camp. For example: #1 I use 10, #2 has 8, then 6, and finally 4 on my last camp. You can also place your newest camp(s) at specific locations such as inside your base, so that the cannon fodder remains as long as possible. Different variations can be done, just use your imagination.

Hero Bases
This is where it gets most interesting. I heard many people complaining how their PD got hit more often than other heroes, and some complain about maybe their druid always getting hit by SM missiles. It seemed weird that each case was different until I found heroes have a greater chance to get hit if they are on an older hero base. This applies to SM missles (potentially TG procs), Reaper, and Aries' procs.

How this is useful: In HBM, you can place your highest HP, revive, or heroes with survival ability on the oldest bases. For example, I have my high HP moltanica on the first base, and my revive druid on the second base. My PD is on the 6th base so he is least likely to get hit by SM.

Figuring it out yourself

UPDATE: while in base editor mode click remove all. As you lay hero bases down, they will be placed in order from oldest to newest. You can figure out which bases are the first built by the order they are placed in base editor. Note: this only works if all hero bases are the same level. I suggested taking all bases to the same level to find out because it is definitely worth knowing.

Vaults and troop camps are easy to figure out, but hero bases can be a bit trickier. It will take a lots of trials before you can figure it out if you use my method. What I did was send a low level reaper/aries from a smurf to attack my base. I recorded who got attacked the most and decided it was the first priority base. Then I removed the hero from that base and found which was attacked the most. This was the second base. Then I kept attacking and noticing which were attacked the fewest times and decided they were probably the 6th and 5th. So I had to guess a little and may have been slightly off, but at least it got me in the general direction to help my HBM success.


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Figuring out my hero bases are going to be hard T_T

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From now I'll be giving all my favors to FC, all 20 of them. I'll be giving 0 to Krikara.

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Hero base.  Assuming they are the same level, go to edit mode, remove all hero base. Place them back. The first base you put down is probably your oldest hero base. Maybe?

Edit @LordFarkward -lol. Thank you
@Peziv-thanks bro. Its okay, i'm just glad it works.
@FC, TheRealDralix-thanks guys

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FC - given you've pretty much figured out the order of your buildings, and hopefully all your buildings are of the same level, can you test the following: go to base edit mode, remove all your bases/ vaults/ camps, then place them next to each other in the order of how the base editor shows you to and see if the order is in anyway related to the build order? hope you get what I mean

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Forceclose u r my hero man.
hat's off.
ur guides helped me alot

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gregcastleclash replied at 11-5-2014 11:11 PM
Hero base.  Assuming they are the same level, go to edit mode, remove all hero base. Place them back ...

Yes this worked. If all hero bases are the same level, all you have to do is click remove all, and as you lay down your bases they will be in order from first built to last built.

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Noticed this a long time ago and never bothered digging deeper, but always secretly wished that the buildings were numbered when you held a finger over them. :lol

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