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[Guides] Applying Crests to Heroes

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UPDATED 2/9/15

Choosing which heroes will get which crests isn't such a simple decision. Each crest type gives different stat bonuses, so you can't decide who gets what crest by talent ability alone. I will try to break down who gets what crest, and whether or not you should bother upgrading the crest - spending valuable red crystals.

To find a breakdown of crests compared by stats alone, see this thread by Ritchell:

All analyses in this thread are based on the stat boosts from guoyuus' thread found here:

Revive: useful at level 1 on any hero needing a nice secondary talent. Also great to level up for added % HP upon revival, and for the insane HP boost from crest set. Since these crests are so rare it may be wise to keep level 1 crests so you can spread them out among many heroes rather than one hero having a level 2-3 crest.
-Heroes: All.

Heavy Blow: useful at level 1 for DPS heroes like SZ and Ninja, or for the ATK boost for Druid's heal - even without a set. Great to level up to lvl 5 for well rounded ATK and HP boost, but I wouldn't prioritize HB over many other talents, depending on red shard income.
-Heroes: Druid, Cupid, SZ, Ninja, SM, Vlad, Aries, Reaper, Champion, TG.

Revitalize: useful at level 1 for well rounded boosts in general, but mostly needs 2/5+ for the actual talent's benefit. Doesn't need to be a set because stats are the best of all crests. Worth leveling up to level 5 for both the stat boosts and the ability. One of the top priorities for leveling up, however, because they are so rare you may find yourself only ever getting one or two sets up to 2/5.
-Heroes: All.

Scorch: bad crest for boosts; not worth leveling beyond 2. I'd suggest leaving it at level 1 or 2 simply for the talent's ability. Only use them as a set; scorch can actually be a nice talent. Save enough crests for HBM purposes but sell excess scorch's for blue crystals.
-Heroes: Vlad, Immortep, PD, TG, Reaper, Minotaur.

Self Destruct: decent balanced stat boosts, OK to use as a crest if you don't have a complete set. Not worth leveling up! Only use to fill empty slots. Sell extra crests. 
-Heroes: Ninja, SM, PD.

Deadly Strike: nice ATK boost and good DPS. I'd place it on mesa heroes and healers. Not worth leveling up, though. Keep at level 1 for DPS boost where needed.
-Heroes: Druid, Ninja, SZ, SM, Aries, Reaper, PD, Moltanica.

Flame Guard: good talent, decent HP boost. Very useful as a set even at level 1-2. I would suggest leveling this up to 3+ if you have enough crests and red crystals, but I think having multiple level 3 crest sets for a handful of heroes is the best option. This should be one of the first crests to upgrade.
-Heroes: Paladin, AC, Moltanica, Reaper, and most others.

Blade Shell: the troll's talent. I wouldn't keep this for stat boosts or talent ability. Only useful if you have no other crests. Sell for blue crystal.
-Heroes: none.

Scatter: nice talent at level 4-5, but very costly to reach this high. Surprisingly decent stat boosts at higher levels. I'd hold on to all scatters in case you want to upgrade them in the future. Not really worth using at levels 1-3, even for stat boosts. I'd use it if you have no better crests to use, but it doesn't shine until 4+ just like zerk. Be aware you may never obtain enough crests to level it up to 4 so it might be better to sell for blue crystals.
-Heroes: Aries, Moltanica, Reaper, Druid, and most others.

Slowdown: bad for stat boosts, not good unless a set. BEST DPS IN GAME. Very useful for DPS in mesa and boss. I highly suggest keeping a bunch of lvl 1 sets simply for max DPS in mesa. May also be useful to try "freezing" the boss. Also a decent talent for HBM A great talent in HBM II since there is an enemy boss. I wouldn't bother taking up beyond level 3.
-Heroes: All (depending on the scenario).

Sprint: awesome talent as a set - weak crest for stat boosts. I would still advise holding sprints and possibly leveling up to 3 for a short term benefit. Also very good for HBM heroes. May be worth investing in for long-term use - especially in Arena. I'd definitely spend crystals to level up to 4-5 if I had enough crests.
-Heroes: Druid, Aries, PD, Ninja, and most others.

Berserk: amazing talent when it reaches level 4+. Fantastic ATK boost, even without a set. One of the best talents to place on Druid for the heal boost. I would hold these crests until you have lots of them while spending red crystals elsewhere in the meantime, or gradually level up and place on a healer/DPS. Sadly, you won't see much benefit from the actual talent until 4+, so I think focusing on other talents like sprint and bulwark is smarter. UPDATE: After realizing these crests are so rare it may be wise to upgrade one set as much as possible to place on a 1200 MS hero once it reaches 3/5. Chances are you will never own a 4/5+ set. Even the likelihood of 3/5 is small.
-Heroes: All except Ninja.

Stoneskin: decent HP stat boost when coupled with the talent's ability. Not a bad crest to have when first starting. I'd suggest not spending too many red crystals on these crests since there are typically other better options. Similar to FG except it has no offensive power (reflecting damage).
-Heroes: Paladin, Minotaur, Orksbane, Moltanica.

War God: awesome ATK boost and adds ATK %. Great on Druid and other DPS heroes such as SM or Ninja or Vlad. I would suggest leveling this up as you get more crests.
-Heroes: Ninja, Druid, Moltanica, SZ, SM, Vlad, Minotaur, Aries, Reaper, TG, Immortep.

Tenacity: poor stats, but ok talent ability at level 1-3. Only worth using as a set. May be worth keeping a few sets around level 2-3 for a general purpose crest.
-Heroes: Paladin, Orksbane, AC; none.

Life Drain: one of the best crests at level 5 for talent ability, but only offers a slight boost in HP/ATK - comparable to stone skin. Not very useful as a stat boost, yet great secondary talent. I wouldn't make this a priority due to the rarity. 
-Heroes: All.

Bulwark: nice overall talent for both stat boost and talent ability. I would say this is probably the most balanced crest to level up as you collect them, considering the ease of obtaining bulwark's when compared to Revitalize, Revive, and other mythic crests. Definitely keep all these! Useful for nearly any hero. Best crest to prioritize out of all the tiers, however, it is somewhat tricky to get a hold of so you may be stuck with mostly sprint, flameguard, and slowdown crests.
-Heroes: All.


It seems, as expected, revitalize, berserk, and revive are the best crests. I'd rank bulwark, scatter, life drain, war god, and heavy blow as the tier 2 crests. Sprint, Slowdown, and Flame guard are the only talents I consider tier 3. Scorch, stoneskin, and tenacity are tier 4. That leaves only self destruct, deadly strike, and blade shell as tier 5.

Order based on set stat boosts plus talent utility:
Tier 1: Revitalize, Berserk, Revive
Tier 2: Bulwark, Scatter, Life Drain, War God, Heavy Blow
Tier 3: Sprint, Flame Guard, Slowdown
Tier 4: Scorch, Stoneskin, Tenacity
Tier 5: Self Destruct, Deadly Strike, Blade Shell.

This order differs from Ritchell's because he analyzed raw stats alone.

Just because I rank some crests above others in the tier system doesn't mean they are always better. Each crest does have its use, so you'd be best off customizing based on their strengths such as sprint in arena, scatter in LR, berserk on druid, revitalize on PD, slowdown in boss fights, scorch on heroes in HBM.

UPDATE: After realizing how rare the better crests are, you may find yourself owning 1 set of each while having multiple 3/5 sets of common crests. A general upgrade order will look something like this:

Slowdown/Sprint/Flameguard>Tenacity/Stoneskin>Bulwark>War God>Scorch>Life Drain>Revitalize/Berserk>all the others.

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Dang it I wasted lvling up scorch....nice post thanks

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but the butter was bitter,
Betty bought better butter 
to make the bitter butter better
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In your hero talent area there is a statement : the higher level talent will only activate when the crest talent is the same as the hero talent.

I'm kinda confused by what this is meaning. Can anyone shed some light?

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TyeEugene_Joyne replied at 12-5-2014 12:44 AM
In your hero talent area there is a statement : the higher level talent will only activate when the  ...

That statement is poorly worded. What they mean is: If your crest talent is the same as your hero's original talent, only the higher level talent will activate. Basically, you cannot stack the same talent. A hero with 5/5 revive and 2/5 revive crest will only revive once - the 5/5 revive.

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Thankz for clarifying

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Thanks, going to help me once again :)

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great info

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thanks a lot for sharing

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great stuff FC.

I agree with what you wrote. u just sum it up really nicely.

my main use heroes are:

My HBM team (most important)
PD (9/9), 3/5 zerc, 2/5 FG second
GR (7/9), 3/5 zerc, 1/5 Slow second
Ari  (8/9), 5/5 tenacity 1/5 slow second
Cup (9/9), 3/5 revive, 2/5 sprint second
dru (6/9), 3/5 revit,  1/5 slow second
Imm (6/9), 5/5 wg,  2/5 tenacity second

My TG got a BW lvl 1 set with two lvl 2 crests.
SZ got 3 WG crests (1 lvl 2) and one revive.
AC got lvl 2 Stone skin.

Well, I have to use the slow crests on 3 range (GR is a must) to be able to farm P (at 95% i guess)
U guys think I should change some crests ?

thinking of changing PD flame and Druid slow..
I need more heals for my druid.. (im dying for zerc on him.. but force to roll heroes till i get Vlad or Santa)

Will scorch (lvl 2) is better then FG on PD for HBM ? any1 have an experience with it ?

THX :loveliness:

me no native English speaker.