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[Guides] About Death Knight's Skill

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Death Knight can grant Heroes immunity from the following:
1. Reductions in MOV SPD and ATK SPD.
2. Stun and Fear statuses.
3. Disabling of Skills.
4. The effect of Scatter.

Death Knight cannot prevent Heroes from taking damage. In addition, Death Knight cannot prevent Pixie from removing buffs from Heroes as Pixie's skill is not considered a negative status.

Pixie cannot remove the following:
1. Spells bought from the Relic Hall.
2. Atlanticore's ability to deflect damage.
3. The immunity from negative statuses granted by Death Knight.

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Thxs Goddess Eva

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So, does he block Aries energy reduction?

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He does not shield everyone around him in mesa it is also random each time. He doesn't shield himself everytime either

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Holy crap, now that I read this twice I get the message. So before Aries came in, Mino was the King Pin in arena, then Aries comes in and stops mino from going off. Now DK comes in steals the throne. Once again, gg.... IGG.

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gg igg indeed

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thanks for the info

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