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[Guides] Guide For Insane Dungeon Four

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Posted on 3/27/16 1:13:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks A lot for the guide it has helped me get to 4-6 however now I am quite stuck and would like any advice anyone has for me at this point.

Main Team:
PD           Evo 1 L170  9/10 Skill, 6/8 zerk 2/5 revite
SB           Evo 1 L165  7/10 Skill, 7/8 WG  2/5 bulwark
Cupid                L166  8/10 Skill, 4/5 revit, 1/5 revive
Mino                 L161  7/10 Skill, 5/8 WG, 2/5 revit
Aries                 L161 7/10 Skill, 3/5 revite, 2/5 zerk
Druid                L159  6/10 Skill, 3/5 Zerk, 1/5 revive
Other Hero's
Ghoulem  Evo 1 L160 Skill 8/10, 4/8 zerk, 1/5 revive
Vald        Evo 1 L181 Skill 8/10, 8/8 WG,  2/5 zerk
DD                   L166 Skill 7/10, LD 4/5, 1/5 revive
Molt                 L165 Skill 7/10, Bulwark 5/8, 1/5 revive
SM                   L126 Skill 5/10, Bulwark 4/8
Destroyer         L133 Skill 7/10, Revit 4/5, WG 2/5
TG                   L140 Skill 4/10, WG 4/5, Zerk 2/5

I have tried to drop as the guide says also have tried at the bottom and on the left side as well. I know my heros are weak in terms of mage, TG however they would take some time to improve to a more functional level. Would you guys suggest getting mino to Evo1 and 8-9/10 or working on another hero going forward. I am not even getting past around 30% using any strategy

Posted on 4/3/16 7:13:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you Leaf for the guide. Just cleared 4-10.

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Posted on 4/12/16 10:50:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you sir for your guidance and expertise! You helped me clear most of the ID and 3 flame 4-10 :)

Posted on 4/29/16 12:04:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks!  just 3-flamed 4-10!  Your guide is awesome!

Posted on 5/25/16 6:16:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I was sweeping 2-10 for ages, with this guide (huge credit to your effort) manage to pass all and 3 flame 4-10 and finaly 2-1 too in less than week, just waitng for reviving the heroes and building copters time from time, since I refused to buy gems for good (finished with SM). Used evo1 lv170 PD, Cupid, Santa, SM and Ghoul / Vlad or DD depending on situation. I was supprised how easy was 3 flame last 4-10 dungeon (2nd try) in comarison to some others...

Posted on 7/13/16 8:22:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks leaf. Yeah its feel good to say thank you for sharing your guidance, which helps me to reach 4-10, but unfortunately it is 2 flamed :(.
Team PD, Cupid, Santa, Druid, TG, SK
No Vlad

Posted on 9/21/16 7:28:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can we not get this information back?  Can't a mod copy the post and credit leafs or something even if he is muted.