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[Guides] Ghoulem's Skill (updated)

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Hey Clashers,

There's an issue with Ghoulem's Skill that is fixed. (updated)

Meanwhile, we want to clarify the newest Hero's Skill and give everyone a clearer idea of how it works.

Here's how it works:
At Lv 1, his Skill deals DMG equal to 60% ATK to up to eight enemy units over 5s. It also restores HP equal to 120% ATK to up to 20 allied units and reduces their DMG taken by 10% for 5s. Activates every 0.4s. Hero is immune to Stun and Fear. Cooldown: 7s.)

Ghoulem's Skill can be broken up into two parts: Attacks and Healing.
Attack: The Skill deals damage to up to eight nearby enemies over a period of 5 seconds. The DMG is dealt every 0.4s for a combined total equal to 60% ATK. Cooldown takes 7s.

Explanation: The effect of this Skill is similar to Santa Boom’s Skill.

Note: The amount of DMG dealt is affected by ATK boosts from Heroes such as Pumpkin Duke, Cupid, and Druid, as well as Talents that boost ATK such as War God and Bulwark.

Heal: The Skill also restores HP to up to 20 allies every 0.4s for a combined total equal to 120% ATK.
Explanation: Up to 20 allies within range can each be healed up to 12 times.

Note: The amount of HP restored is not affected by ATK boosts.

For Clashers that have been with us since the beginning, this heal works similarly to Druid’s healing Skill.

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Posted on 11/2/15 3:21:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Should be changed to more than 8 targets but returns a lower % heal instead. With the sheer amount of mobs to deal with in ht, hbm, lava island etc only hitting 8 isn't that effective.
Yes the current balance between hitting 8 hero's + the returned healing is balanced (when it works properly) but would be better served hitting 15-20 mobs but returning not more than 100% damage dealt.
That way you get a better HoT effect when in large crouds of mobs.
When hitting single point targets (lr hbd, guild boss, wg etc) the stacking effect of pd will make up the difference of nit having multiple enemies to drain from as you are less likely to get a triple stack in a bunch of mobs against a single static target.

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I still don't understand what was wrong with him to begin with..

I muted myself. Talk about an abuse of power, eh?
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TW server has only this short in today's update:
"Updates: 1. Fix some players active page does not open question. 2. Fix "evil eye evil spirits" skill effect. 3. Adjust the part awakening hero Exterior detail."

Will this be a buff or nerf?

Posted on 11/2/15 4:55:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just fought a golum in lr, his Aries procd first but I killed them all lmao. His golum proc like 4300 per hit

Uh u tuch mi tralala
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I posted a long reply to this thread before Eva reposted.

This description of the skill is not how it works currently, or indeed after the fix (at least on TW server).

The damage is spread over 12 ticks (every 400ms), but only has around a 25% chance to hit a target, so the resulting damage is only around 25% of the damage it should deal.

The same applies to healing. Each tick, the proc has approx 25% chance to heal an ally, by twice the damage dealt.

After watching Aevatrex's video of Ghoulem in HBM T, we can see that at 160 evo1 9/10 Ghoulem is healing ~11k a pop, and healing each ally on average 3 times each proc for a total of around 33k.

Aevatrex's Ghoulem has approx 8000 attack, + the base bonus for around 11k attack. So at 9/10, it should heal 600% * 2 of 11k, based on the skill description. What you actually see happening is heals are approx 11k per tick of the proc, thus totaling only 33k on average per hero, whereas in fact he should be healing closer to 132k per hero (11000 * 6 * 2). He would heal this amount *IF* he healed with every tick of proc. But the fact he only has a chance to heal every 400ms means he heals far less than his description says he should.

The same applies for his damage dealt, but it is harder to see in the video because various buffs (pd/cupid) are changing the amount of damage he deals constantly. In addition to this, the other heroes also dealing damage make it hard to distinguish where damage is coming from.

Being the only healer though, it makes it much more apparent how often his heal is actually effecting allied heroes, and it can clearly be seen that his heal is far from 1200% of his base damage stat.

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So the thing wrong is his healing affect

Posted on 11/2/15 6:56:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


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Posted on 11/2/15 7:28:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Seems the description is still vague but my understanding is like this. 

Based on this line (Explanation: The effect of this Skill is similar to Santa Boom’s Skill.) in Eva's post, at lvl 1 skill Golem should be dealing 60% damage to each enemy assuming they stay within range. This does not mean 60% damage dealt in total spread across all enemies hit, but 60% to each enemy. Assuming the proc tics 6 times, that would mean 10% damage each tic. Now at skill lvl 9/10 that would mean each target takes 600% damage if they stay in range (with 100% damage each tic assuming 6 tics). Just like santa booms skill.

This means that Golem will be a beast, compared to the current bugged version which does barely any damage at all.  

Additionally, this should mean his heals are going to be much larger, depending on how many enemies he does damage to.

The specific comparison to Santa boom's skill in this post, and in the one replied in the Japan servers makes me believe Ghoulem will be doing massive damage once hes fixed.  IGG is notorious for releasing game changing op heroes for halloween, and this version of Ghoulem would certainly be one.