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[Guides] 100% Lava Isle 3 without Arctica, Grim or any debuffer(with Unicorn pet)!

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Posted on 11/27/16 11:38:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nowadays lava3 has been proved that several diff setups are reliable.
Some guilds use valentina, someothers cupid..
Some uses arctica... some others not...
I have been testing lava3 for some time with f2p heros and i can say somethings that makes it easier:
-good balance between defense/dps
-revitalize talents in ghoul/buffers (cupid/val/pd)and treant/(or artica for who has)
-for permaslow (makes lava very easy) an ice demon 9/10 may save the run if tank team splits.
i barely noticed any difference from ice 9/10 to 10/10 (with pd stacks) but theres a signifficant diff between 8/10 and 9/10.
-2pds must be in, never tested lava with only one, i think it may be possible but risk its very high.

-one treantaur at 8/10 its appreciated (gets max revivals 5)
2treantaurs may be good for newbies in lava3 if lvls are not enough.
-dread drake proved to be really usefull, in all teams if possible but 2 or 3 works good anyway.
Like a magic tower he keeps stunning and contributing to overall dps while absorbing damage.

-about other heros like aries, are optional,  but no doubt aries is ok.

-debuffers lost value since pet celestin can do the same as grimm or arct or pixie, so one more slot for dps or whatever u need.

-finally i want to say dont expect to be carried in lava3 with 100%win rate if u are not ready, lava 3 requires high skills, a few revites 5 and some 3, and formations affects it a lot, so forget random lava3. It will be impossible to coordinate forever.
what is possible is to join random lava3,  send friend request between all who joined and arrange a setup out of random..
or wait till igg releases a new superhero that has a superskill 4in 1 , it will never happen due to game balance, nothing can be unbeatable (talking about heros released)

Posted on 12/31/16 1:56:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Which Artifact should i use in Gr?

Posted on 12/31/16 9:08:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i can make team 4
i have pd devo 180+ 9/10
evo ghoulem 10/10
evo pk 7/10 8/8 scatter
evo santa 9/10 8/8 wargod
evo cupid 9/10 4/5 revite

please let me know if some one has space for team 4

my line id : jd606

LINE ID: jd606
Posted on 1/13/17 10:18:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is so helpful.

Posted on 5/11/17 4:44:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Bumping good L3 setup, let all know it.

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Posted on 5/15/17 2:03:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you I appreciate it :)

Posted on 5/15/17 2:48:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well done mate! My team also were running lava without any debuffer. We called scatter method, as we had 1 scatter8 sk, 4 scatter7 pk and 1 scatter6 ghoulem. Success rate was almost 100% and that back on Sept16.

Then we had grim realising, pets etc and changed form again to be faster.

And till now never used ice deamon.