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[Guides] Lava Isle III F2P-P2P GUIDE

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I have been checking the Forum everyday and i've realized lots of people need a good guide and the right heroes to get the victory/win in every run they do , so I've thought to my self since i have been farming Lava III "100%" for over 2 Weeks now , I should make a Guide to help these guys get their lava group started , and why wouldn't they .. Rewards are just too good and worth it ... So let's get this Guide started and hope it works for every single one of you :) :) 


So as you can see there will be FOUR different teams that each one of you will be using.. Obviously :D

  • TEAM (1) or as we call it the TANK team

In this team you are gonna need 2 of the best Tanks in the game which are Ghoul and SK , DD is also a good tank but in this case we rather use SK instead because those dinos and centaur can take out DD pretty quick .
GHOUL : Evo 8/10 , preferably Devo + A revite crest 3+/ or higher 
SK :      Devo 7/10 with a revite crest 3+/ or higher
PD :      Evo 9/10 - 5 Revite talent - Revive Crest
CPD :    Evo 9/10 - 5 Revite Talent - Revive Crest
PK :      Evo 7/10 - Revive Crest 


  • TEAM (2) or as we call it the DPS/DMG team

In this team you are gonna need the best DPS(Damage per second) there is in the game which are PK GR SM and DD for his low cool-down.

GR : Evo 9/10 + Revive Crest
PK : Evo 7/10 + Revive Crest
SM : Evo 7/10 + Revive Crest
( In my case here I am using a 4/5 Revite 10/10 CUPID but it can be replaced for 5/5 revite VALANTINA )
DD : Devo 8/10 + revive crest


  • TEAM (3) The Debuff team 

In this team we are using Different Heroes but it's mainly to stop the demon from Procin' which is why we put Arctica in , good news for F2P players Arctica can be replaced by either Pexie or GrimFiend but GF does a good job in this case since Pexie is very random and hits only 3 Targets while there are 4 Targets in the map which makes her very Risky to use . 

GHOUL :  Evo 8/10 + Revive crest
PD :       Evo 9/10 + either zerk or revite works fine + Revive crest
CPD :     Evo 9/10 5 Revite + Revive crest
SM :      Evo 7/10 + Revive Crest
ARCTICA / GRIMFIEND : Evo/UNevo should be fine + Revive crest + Skill lvl don't matter since they'r only there for debbufin' the demon :D


  • TEAM (4) The TREE/ID Team

This team's job is to revive the heroes that are going to die in the start of the battle because of the Bladeshell Enemies , also to slow down the demons once finished with the first one.

GHL  : Evo 8/10 + revite crest
PD :   Evo 5 Revite + Revive crest
PK :   Evo 7/10 + Revive Crest
TREE :Evo 8/10 + revive crest
ID :   160+ 7/10 + Revive crest


Now onto the Artifacts 
the Artifacts that you mostly gonna be using are ( GARUDA AXE VICTOR )

  • TEAM (1) 

PK            : AXE
  • TEAM (2)

CPD         : GARUDA
DD          : either GOBLET/AXE
  • TEAM (3)

GHOUL              : GARUDA
SM                   : AXE
  • TEAM (4)

PK           : AXE


PS : I got some of my friends to try the setup but using GF instead and it worked for them and now they are farming it 100% , So I hope it works for all of you and if you got any Questions please comment them down below i will do my best to help :)  BYE.

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PD is overrated
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Do you have any screenshots as to where the teams go in the setup screen before the mesa begins (where you invite people)? Also, I don't have ghoulem but 3 of the teams have him. Any other alternatives available?

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