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[Guides] Introduction to Squad Showdown

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Buy more entries for gems. In other words, a pure P2W event. Nice one, IGG.

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I wish I could choose talent level, especially on Revite, instead of max everything. Sometimes, Val w/ Revite 4 is better to counter Aries w/ Revite 5.

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Hey Julie: why force us into specific timeslots? Why not make this game mode available throughout the day?

Arena, LB and altar matches are all PvP, and they work perfectly without the opponent being online. The addition of a real-time requirement seems like a bad throughout addition and does nothing for the game mode, except add an annoyance.

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I have one question about rule 3 i quote:

"3. Each Season lasts 8 days. The mode and selectable Heroes are changed after 4 days."

Since season last 8 days, and mode change after 4 days it means we should have only 2 mode available, first on days 1 - 4th including that day,  and second after 4th day which is day 5 - 8th day, right ??

Then can someone explain me why today it have changed again, since today is last, 8th day of season and it should change AFTER EVERY 4 day, not on every 4th day ???? Anyone knows ?? Right now i see it's unclear since many ppl though it will change not earlier not later than after 4 days. Can any mod or admin post it to support and ask exactly did setup change after every 4th day, or after day 4 it can change every day like day 5, 6, 7, 8 ??

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