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[Guides] Lostland Guide

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Posted on 11/15/19 5:59:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Enter Lostland via “Explore” at the right of your Base.

Three Difficulty Levels 
Lostland opens every Monday and Friday. When it is open, players can choose between three difficulty levels: Normal, Expert and Hell. The enemies’ stats and type of rewards will vary with each difficulty level

Battle Preparation
Once you’ve selected the difficulty level, you can select up to 10 Heroes to enter Lostland with you. You cannot select the same Hero more than once, nor change the Heroes when the Season starts. If a Hero you selected for a current Lostland session is consumed elsewhere within your account, you can no longer use that Hero, nor can you select another Hero to take the consumed Hero's slot.

Hero Deployment
You can deploy up to 6 Heroes in a battle. The HP and Killed status of your Heroes and enemies will be recorded.

Explore Lostland
You will begin your journey on the tile at the far left corner, and explore towards the right. Lostland Aide will appear on the tile to block your way, and you have to defeat it before you can continue. You can only move one tile at a time, and you can’t return to your previous tile once you’ve moved on. So choose your route wisely!

Mystery Man
The Mystery Man helps revive 1 random Hero.

Spring Water
Restores 50% of Max HP of all surviving Heroes.

When you defeat enemies in Lostland, you will receive a chest filled with loot. These  items provide buffs to your Heroes in Lostland. If you select the same item every time, the item you select will be automatically upgraded to a higher level. The items can only be used in Lostland, and will disappear once Lostland closes. 

Blessed Wings
You have a chance to obtain Blessed Wings when you defeat Lostland Guard.Revive every dead Hero and restore every Hero’s HP with the help of Blessed Wings.

Lostland Guard
Lostland Guard defends the exit of Lostland. Defeat Lostland Guard to unlock the Portal and get the Ultimate Chest.