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[Guides] [Complete] Hoodiee's Guide To Castle Clash [Read This Beginners]

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Castle Clash Guide

[Updated as of 08/18/2013 PM]

Guide Progress:
  • Troops ✓
  • Magic ✓
  • Honor/Shards
  • Heroes
  • Arena
  • Might

With the international release of Castle Clash, combined with my eagerness to create a guide, I found this as the perfect oppurtunity to create a CC Guide! As a forewarning, this guide is not a strategic layout, attacking, or defending guide. This guide will include everything that you will need to know to succeed in this game and become number one! If you are new to this game, I highly suggest you read through this guide because it will be a huge help, as the game doesn't go into much detail about some things.

Now let's get started!


Troops are kind of important in this game. You're not only going to need many strong troops to send out in battle to defeat other players, but they will defend for your honor! Troops in your camps are available for release into battle when our raiding, and also available for defending when you are being raided. It is very important to always have troops ready in your Army Camp. Also, any troops that you send out when raididng that survive, return to your Army Camp safe and sound!

This is your army camp. You can find this under the Attack tab in the Shop. You train troops by pressing on it and then pressing Hire.

Now that we're inside you Army Camp, you can see you have some important choices to make. Just tap on the troops you want to train, or hold down to continuously train troops. You can scroll through all troops by swiping left and right on the bottom where the troops are. Your camp capacity starts at 20. You can upgrade your camps to increase the capacity by 2 each time.

Now we're getting into the good stuff. This is your Training Center. This is where you train your troops to become the best of the best! This is a very important building and you should always try to keep this running, as the training times are extensive, but expensive.

(As you can see, I'm upgrading my Hunter to level 5, just ignore that)

Now we're inside. This is where you will upgrade your troops to become mean, lean fighting machines! Just tap on the desired troop you want to give further training and hit upgrade. To unlock the first 4 main troops, you must upgrade them to level 2 (besides the Treant). Upgrade Guardian to level 2 to unlock Hunter. Upgrade Hunter to level 2 to unlock Pyromancer. Upgrade Pyromancer to unlock Treant.

Good job! You've successfully unlocked all your main troops! But wait, we're not done yet! Now you can see under the portraits of your troops, there are arrows pointing down. You will have to upgrade your desired troop unlock the next in it's category. All the troops in the same row have the same tactics, except they're stronger, and better than it's previous. Here's a chart to help.






Hammer Dwarf



Mecha Man

Upgrade Previous To Level 5

To Unlock!

Savage Ogre

Shotgun Dwarf

Fairy Dragon


Upgrade Previous To Level 5

To Unlock!

Upgrade the last troops, Savage Ogre, Shotgun Dwarf, Fairy Dragon, and Ornithopter to level 5 for the ultimate army!

Looks like you made it through the first part of the guide! Congratulations! Now go to tell your mom, she will be so proud of you! But hurry back, this isn't the end of the guide, it's just the beginning!


Magic is a pretty cool thing in the world of CC! As you may have seen in the tutorial, it is quite strong and useful in intense battles. Though magic may not be of the utmost use at this moment, don't ignore it. It is very important you continue to upgrade your Relic Hall over time as it will be very crucial in the future when raiding very high quality bases. So try to keep an extra builder working on it whenever you can.

This is your Relic Hall. As said previously, it is very crucial that you upgrade it whenever you can as it will help you in the future, and also save you some Gems because you won't be rushing to get this upgraded.

To get inside, just tap on your Relic Hall and press Magic. Alright, now that we're inside, let's get more familiar with this amazing feature. You can see 4 orbs on the top. This is where the spells you purchase for battle will show up. On the bottom, it shows every spell, you can scroll through these by swiping left and right. The Green Arrow on the top right of your spells will show you the infomation of the selected spell, and allow you to upgrade them. This will improve their power and helpfulness in battles. Level your Relic Hall up to unlock more spells and more available slots for spells when in battle. Level 16 is the last level, which will unlock the last spell, and the last spell slot totalling to 4 usable spells and 10 available spells to choose from.

Honor Badges and Shards

Honor Badges are one of the most important resources.

They can be used to hire Heroes and increasing their Star levels.

It's mainly earned in the Arena, but you can also earn them in Raids and Dungeons.

Honor Badges and Shards' sole use is for Heroes. There isn't much to it, quite simple.

How Honor Badges are gained:

  • Hourly Rate from the Arena ( For more information on the Arena, see the Arena section below )
  • Small amount from victorious raids
  • Small amount from victorious Dungeon raids

How Honor Badges are spent/lost:

  • Purchasing Heroes
  • Losing a raid

Shards are rare Items in CC. Their sole use is to purchase Heroes. When purchasing a hero, you are able to choose which hero you want, instead of picking at random when purchasing with Gems or Honor Badges. Shards have PERCENTAGE DROP RATE in dungeons. They will not drop shards everytime. Dungeons marked with a Skull above them contain more shards, and a HIGHER drop rate than normal dungeons.

You're going to have to start grinding in the dungeons to afford your first Legendary Hero at 1200 shards :)


There are three categories of Heroes, Ordinary (Green Glow), Elite (Blue Glow), and Legend (Purple Glow).The game partially revolves around the use of Heroes, with each category stronger than the previous. They're a big part of the game and quite important. There's a lot to these heroes. Their use resembles troops; they attack, and defend, but they are much more than that. These heroes are special. You can never lose them in battle, you can level them, upgrade them, and train them. They are also used in the Arena which we will get to later. There's just so much to learn! Let's jump right in!

This is the Heroes Altar. This is where you will find your heroes. If you send your hero into battle while raiding and he dies, you will not lose him, don't worry! He just needs time to be revived!
But the revival times are so long :'(!" you may say! Do not worry friend!  
You can upgrade the Heroes Altar to shorten revival times and get back onto the battle field! :@

After you tap on your Heroes Altar and then tap on the Enter button, you will be shown this screen. You can hire more heroes like in the picture above by tapping on any of the three buttons below the portraits. You can hire heroes with Gems, Honor, or Shards! Tapping on the Hire With Gems button will bring you up to a screen that will allow you to buy 1 Hero with 150 gems, or 3 heroes with 450 gems. Don't have enough gems to spend? Don't worry, you can use Honor! After tapping on the Hire With HB (Honor Badges) button, you will be brought to a screen where you can buy a single hero with 500 Honor. Everytime you purchase a new hero with honor, the price will increase by 100. The prices will reset by the next day and it will only cost you 500 honor for your first hero purchase. Now, after pressing the Hire With Shards button, you will be brought to a screen a little different than the others. Don't worry, we can work through this together!

Here you will see are some slimes, categorized as EXP Boosts. These slimes are not heroes, but they are used as experience for your heroes' skills. We'll get to all that Hero upgrading stuff later. Now, there's three other tabs beside the EXP Boosts tab. As we learned earlier, these are what the heroes are categorized under. Each costing more as you scroll through and progress through the tabs. There are 8 Ordinary, 6 Elite, and 5 Legendary heroes! You have a chance to grab any of these Heroes by purchasing them with gems or Honor so you don't need to use shards to receive a Legendary. When purchasing with Gems or Honor, the hero you receive will be random. The more times you use Honor Badges to purchase heroes, the more often you will receive slimes. You will not receive Legendaries from purchasing with Honor Badges. The sure-fire way is to purchase your hero of choice, is with shards. You better start grinding dungeons!

Let's upgrade! Now that you've purchased your hero by whatever means were necessary, press that Green Arrow on the top left to go back and view all your heros. Tap on your desired hero to open up the information on the hero.

Now were in your Heroes information window. On the bottom right with the Green Refresh Button marked with the Blue Box around it, allows you to try for a new talent. You can see and learn about all of the hero's talents in this thread HERE. I suggest you don't bother tampering with this until you are a veteran player. Now, on the bottom left with the Green Upwards Arrow marked with the Red Box around it, this allows you to upgrade your heroes skill which will increase it's power / stats.

When you receive a slime from purchase, they will be shown at the bottom where I indiciated with Red Box. Tap on the slime, or multiple slimes to add them into the boxes above that are marked with a Plus sign, then hit the Upgrade button. This will add experience to your Heroe's skill, and once the bar is full, it will level the spell up, increasing it's power. Different slimes give different amounts of experience.

Heroes have a certain amount of Might attached to them. When you purchase a hero, the amount of Might they have will add to your total. If you sacrifice a hero, you will lose the might that the hero gives you.

Now let's go back to the previous page. You may notice a large Upgrade Button which I have marked with a Purple Box. This button will appear when your hero reaches level 20, and will continue to be up for Upgrade every 20 levels. Your hero levels when you raid other players or do dungeon quests! Try to level your heroes because they become quite strong! Now that you've leveld your first hero to level 20, tap on that Upgrase Button. It will take you to the Upgrade Screen displaying all of the heroes current stats on the left, and all of the Upgraded Stats on the right. Upgrading heroes will cost Gold, Honor, and Fire. Once you have all the requirements, just tap that Upgrade button and you'll have yourself a stronger, and more powerful hero instantly! Now you'll have to level your hero up another 20 levels to repeat this process again!

* Fire is obtained by completing dungeon quests! * ~ You do NOT lose fire when upgrading your hero!

What? We're not done learning about heroes yet? Not yet bud, but we are close! Next up we have the Hero Base!

This little thing is your Hero Base. Here, you can summon your hero to be available for battle! The radius around this building is the attack radius of your hero. When being raided, it will attack any troop that walks into it's radius, so position these well! Upgrading this increase it's health by 500 each time and in further upgrades, it will increase the attack radius.

Just tap on your Hero Base and then tap on Hero to get into this window. Here, it will show you every hero you own. To scroll through, just slide the heroes left and right. The gray portraits show heroes that are already summoned in other Hero Bases, they can't be summoned in another without unsummoning them from the one they currently at. Tap on your desired Hero to be summoned on the Hero Base. Now it will show you all the stats and information about you hero like the picture above. Now just press the
Red X on the top right, and there you go! You've summoned your hero!

You've sent your hero into battle and he has died! Don't worry, instead of waiting for his revival time, you can revive him instantly by paying a small amount of gems!

To view more information on all heroes, see this thread here:


The Arena is a place where you can test the strength of your Heroes. It's highly suggested you fight in the arena every chnce you get to move up in ranks. The higher rank you are, the more honor you're going to earn per hour.

This is your Arena, you can set-up your Defense, or Enter the Arena to challenge other players to gain ranks and move up in the standings, ultimately making more honor per hour.  When you go into the Defense tab, you will be brought to the battlefield as seen here:

Your Heroes are placed on the bottom of the screen as seen above. You can place your heroes on the three spaces. It doesn't matter how many are on one spot, you can put all 5 on one, or split them up between the three. This will be the set-up that your Heroes will be in when you are attacked, set them up strategically! After you're happy with your set-up, just tap on Ok and exit by the Red X on the top right.

Now if you tap on Enter, you will be brough to a page that looks like this

I've indicated several spots on this picture.

Yellow Box: This is your feed. It will show when you win, lose, and when you're challenged by other players. It will tell you how many ranks you lost, or how many ranks you've gained. Keep an eye on this to see who took ranks from you!

Red Box: This displays how many battles you can enter and how much time until you receive another Battle Chance. You can have a maximum of 5 battle chances and one Battle Chance is refreshed every 30 minutes.

Purple Box: There are a few things here, we'll start from the top and work our way down. The number at the top is how much Honor you have. The second number is when the next time you're going to receive your the amount of Honor per hour you have. The third number is how much honor you receive per hour. This number is determined by your place in the Arena. Finally the fourth number is your ranking in the arena.

Blue Box: This is where your potential opponents are. If you are ranked 100 in the arena, it will show ranks 99-95. It shows the next 5 ranks in the Arena. You will gain a certain amount of ranks for winninng against certain opponents. You will receive more ranks for defeating higher ranked opponents and receive less ranks for defeating lower ranked opponents. To challenge them just tap on their name and then hit Challege.

After challenging someone, you will be brought to a screen similar to the Defense set-up screen. Just place your heroes strategically on the spots and start the battle. First one to destroy the other's building wins.

Good luck!


Might represents your overall ability.

Increase your Might by upgrading buildings and training Troops and Heroes.

Your opponents for Raids are determined based on your Might.

Might is earned by upgrading all buildings and walls, upgrading your troops in the Training Center, purchasing heroes, and upgrading your heroes.

You will lose Might when you sacrifice your heroes. The more legendary heroes you have, the more Might you will have!

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The Guide is COMPLETE. I will not be making any new major additions or adjustments to this guide as long as it stays correct and nothing has been added to the game that needs to be added to the guide.

Thank-you for taking your time out to read through my guide! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helped you, even if you only learned one small thing, then it did it's job.

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Hoodiee replied at 7-29-2013 03:03 PM
Post saved for future updates

HEROES Section Complete

This is a great guide hoodie thanks!

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Thx Hoodiee!

...great help so far! Keep on keeping on!


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Jeff_Corder(851 replied at 8-1-2013 03:32 PM
Thx Hoodiee!

...great help so far! Keep on keeping on!

Thanks :)

Glad it really does help people, its what keeps me going and wanting to continue updating the guide.

Self plug: Arena Section Complete ;)

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The targets on my army says choose target

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How do I choose target?

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Can you explain how to get a shield without purchasing it through gems Hoodiee? In the FAQ stickied here it says you have to destroy an enemy's castle. Which I assume means to raid another player through the battle button. But I am not getting a 12 hour shield afterwards from winning.

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vectr replied at 8-2-2013 08:02 PM
Can you explain how to get a shield without purchasing it through gems Hoodiee? In the FAQ stickied  ...

You don't receive a shield from winning a raid. You receive a shield based on how badly YOU got raided from someone else. The amount of time the shield lasts for depends on what percentage of your base they destroyed.

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Hoodiee replied at 8-2-2013 09:05 PM
You don't receive a shield from winning a raid. You receive a shield based on how badly YOU got ra ...

Ah thanks. Got a little bit confused with the "Destroying an enemy’s Castle gives you a 12-hour Shield." in the FAQ.