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[Guides] Tips for players

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Hello Castle Clashers, I want to give you a few pointers about the game now that I'm no longer competitive (I've quit). Here's the breakdown on resources for players of all experiences:

1) Might is Castle Clash's "level". You gain might by hiring heroes, upgrading troops, and mainly upgrading buildings. You do not want to rush Might, because the higher you are with Might, the tougher your enemies get when you raid and the amount of honor/resources decrease as your Might increases. I was rank 80 with 4000 Might and majority of people I could raid would give me only 3 honor, but I'd lose -50 honor if I fail. Players do log on in the middle of your battle, so losing 50 honor will happen.

2) Gem's main priority is to randomize 5 legendary heroes. Legendaries are your staple military force, when your hero is high leveled enough, you are able to 100% people using only heroes. The most important being the one-man-army: Druid. The druid alone can destroy 75% of the base and then bring in other heroes when its safe for exp and finishing with 100%. You can get 2000+ gems for free by downloading games and taking surveys. Just remember that when you go to Tapjoy, it leaves your base open for attacks (your base will only be attacked when the game is out of focus and becomes offline).

3) Honor Badges for leveling up your hero, nothing else. Do not use it to hire heroes because you will only get trash ordinary heroes that give 50exp when sacrificed, or green slimes. The best way to get honor is through the arena. You must be persistant and push your way to the top. I was around rank 30 trophies and got 500 honor/hour.

4) which leaves to the last resource, shards: only farm shards to buy and sacrifice the gelatinous (purple slime). 150 shards will give 3000 exp to your hero's skill, by far the best method to level up their skills. Shards are already really difficult to farm because of the rare droprate, making it unreasonable to farm for legendary heroes. One of the best ways to farm shards is through skull dungeons, especially the first skull stage you encounter in dungeon 2. All you need is druid & someway to take care of the assassin. I sacrifice a few archers to be used as cannon fodder while my druid wales on him.

If you don't have a druid, then you're going to have a really tough time against others who already have a druid. They are able to save up more resources, raid more often, and overall just grow a lot faster.

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Tips on defense of your base: If you want to lose less resources when you've gone to bed, then make it easily 100%'d as possible.

"Wtf" you say?

I know, it sounds counterintuitive but when you make a base that people can easily 100%, one person will do that and you will lose your resources. However, your resources and your base will be untouched because the shield will be up for the next 9-10 hours.

On the other hand, when your defense is a lot tougher, you will lose more resources because your base is open for more attacks. Some players will pick on your resources and leave because he cant take down your entire town. Letting 5 others to pick on your resources because your shield doesnt activate for long or not at all when they dont raze your entire base.

Heroes are currently overpowered at the moment, so I would say 98% of population's defenses can be 100%'d by players with powerful heroes, so why bother trying to strengthen your defense when it will be torn down anyway? You can check out my abandoned base at DieHenroost.

Only until you have a solid team of high level legendaries with upgraded units is when you may be able to ward off raiders without them touching your resources.

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The only offers in Tapjoy that give more than 25 gems require some sort of payment, defeating the purpose and concept of 'free gems'. The others offer a measly 6 gems usually; hardly worth the bother. If what you say is true, along with other minor issues and/or bugs in this game, I truly believe its not worth anyones time until they improve this game. Thanks for the late game info, you convinced me :)

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no need up deff? and not need up might?

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He is certainly right about Might, thing is it is pretty hard to avoid raising because almost anything you do on the game gives you Might.

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Your number one priority is to improve your heroes because they play a huge factor in developing your empire.  Raiding or dungeoning becomes impossible without heroes there to tank. They also respawn for free if they die as oppose to an army that uses up mana. Plus, the most efficient way to gain honor is through the arena, and strong heroes will push you to the top.
As of now, you gain nothing when you successfully defend your base. So it becomes pointless especially when your defense will always fall against players with strong heroes. In the beginning, instead of building and upgrading walls, focus your builder's attention towards upgrading barracks, gold/mana mines and vaults.

barracks - Upgraded barracks allows for a larger army to back up your heroes.
Training Center - Always keep the training center busy because it takes days to upgrade soldiers. Do not upgrade the guardian, they are inferior to hunters and pyromancers. The units after guardian (savage ogre and hammer dwarves) are even worse. They target resource buildings, so they pretty much all die trying to dive headfirst at the resource buildings--ignoring everything attacking them. Also late game you'll be dealing with air units which makes the melee soldiers even more worthless. Upgrading archers is the ideal route because 1.) they are cheaper than pyros, 2.) they take less time to train which means you are ready to raid sooner, 3.) they hard-counter pyros and magic units. Do note that you still need pyros to counter tank units.
Relic Hall - All you need is arrow rain and restoration which are the first 2 skills. Everything after that costs way too much gold to be considered a worthy investment. It would make more sense if these skills cost mana but unfortunately it doesnt.
Town Hall - Higher upgrades allow access to more buildings. Another note: Upgrading your town hall will also directly strengthen your shrine in the arena.

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Thank you for the insight there xinkat, I was already doing a lot of what you were suggesting however, I have picked up some great ways to change a bit for the better! It is definitely more frustrating trying to get ahead without a druid. Rewarding in its own way I guess lol

Thanks again for sharing!

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No problem. But wait, theres more!

There was a point in the game when I was struggling for mana and gold. My mana couldn't keep up with my army who died at an alarming rate. It was my mistake for upgrading and using Guardians after the patch that changed hunters to cost 2 population rather than 1.

So what did I do to get out of the hole? How could I minimize troop loss while I maintain a good supply of resources?
By targeting only their resource buildings and bailing out before my troops reach danger. And yes, that requires 'failing' the raid. I knew that defenders gain nothing when they successfully defend their base. The only thing I'd lose when I fail a raid is honor. So I would wait until I can use up my entire honor by upgrading one of my heroes and then start ninja raiding in rapid successions. Once you reach 0 honor, you can't go negative, so there was nothing to lose.

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Great post xincat! I've played for a week now(with few breaks >_>), and I'm rank 100ish in the arena with one legendary(luckily I got a druid from gems) and I must say everything you've said is on point. I've been debating the merits of continuing to play seeing the many flaws you pointed out. I've been pushing hard at the arena since I realized early on that it was the central location for growth in the game overall. I was looking forward to higher ranks and wondering what it is like "up there." Finally, you have enlightened me--and it doesn't look well for someone like me who refuses to spend any money on games. I don't think it was entirely your intention, but to me, the underlying message of your post was "quit before you get where I am: stuck in the flawed game with a "system" dominated by people who pay to win." I haven't decided to quit just yet, but you've definitely helped me take a step towards that increasingly-appealing prospect. I sincerely appreciate the time you put into this. Thank you. Good luck and have fun in whichever games you move on to!

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I see no option to "ranomize 5 legendary heroes" with gems. Is anyone able to explain?