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[Guides] Tips for players

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(85831084) replied at 8-9-2013 12:07 PM
I see no option to "ranomize 5 legendary heroes" with gems. Is anyone able to explain?

I think he meant you roll gems till you get 5 random legenday heroes

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[url=][/url]When Technology meets our generation
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This guide is arrogant, opinionated, and written with god-awful grammatical errors. DO NOT WANT

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It seems to me that using my gems 450 at a time to hire 3 heroes is the best use of gems and best chance for getting Legendary heroes. Only other thing I use gems for is to get more than 2 builders. Buying heroes with gems 450 gems buys 3 heroes. I got Aries, Beast Tamer, Dracrax. Sometimes all 3 are worthless but then consume them to raise talents.