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[Guides] Best Hero?

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As someone who ownes every single hero there is I would like to shed some light on this.

Obviously the Ledend hero's are the best. Out of these my favorite and my favorite between all others is the Druid. It has the abilty to heal multiple targets at once with 200% of their attacks. This is very helpful in area and vs other players. They are also able to deal some good attack to other mobs and has a good amount of hp.
The rest of my Ledend favorites for area are:
2. Ninja - Very fast move speed and attack frequency. Extramly high attack and good hp. This character is not good to go into a big group as it is the first one there and often dies before it does it does any good damge. (This is like suacide for fast troops) However it is a good troop to send around their main defence and deal some good damage to their buidling.
3. Paladin - This troop is the tank. extramly high hp and not to bad attack. It can provide good defence so that your other troops can hit the enemy. This hero is like a sacrifice hero so that you can keep your stronger ones behind it and hopefully not be touched.
4. Spirtit Mage - Now this is a purchase only hero so many will not get the chance to get it. However it is very strong. It has range and extramly high attack aswell like the Ninja. It has a range attack which is nice as you  hide behind most of your other troops to attack, and will be one of the if not the last one to die.
5. Champion - This hero is very helpful. It has  very high attack with quite a bit of hp. It is one of those front line fighters that can tank some damage and deliver quite a bit.
6. Saccuubus - This may be my last fav. hero but it is by no means a bad hero. It has pretty high attack and a fair bit of hp. It is also a magic hero so it uses range to attack which can be very helpful. The only reason this is last is becasue i already have a magic caster and that one is stronger. A good team should have a good balance of heros and I think two magic casters would be a bad idea.

Elite Hero's
These heros are some very good hero's and easily obtained. You can still have a high Arena rank with only hero's. There are two ways to play areana mode with Elite Hero's. You can have higher attack and go around the players defence, OR you can sit a try to fight them off (If you do this method I strongly recomed having an Angel to heal you). Unfortinaly I do not like this stand up and fight method with Elite hero's so I am not able to provide any usefull suggestions for this. Again my faves are:
1. Assassin - Very high attack and speed. Low hp but if you are sending this hero around the enemy's defence this doesnt matter. But if you are sending it right into the enemy I do not recomend using this troop as it reaches the enemy much before your other troops and will die before any good damage and I sometimes hate this troop for that reason, but still my fav.
2. Pain-Da - Good hp and attack. not much more to say than that, other than it can attack all of the troops around it which can be very helpful.
3. Cyclops -  I like this one for the same reasons as Pain-Da but a little weaker.
4. Executioner - The one everyone starts off with. This can become very powerful in later levels. It is a good hero that can hit high and take a fair amount of damage.
5. Shaman - A ranged hero. This is a good hero to have as well. It does not have great attack but it does have quite high hp for its class. It also reduces a targets attack by 25% and that can help ALOT in battle.
6. Werewolf - I actually do not like this hero. Some people like it and it works for them, however I do not, and for my style of play it does not work. It has a good special but low attack and hp. It is not any faster than the other heros and there is nothing special about it.

Ordinary Hero's
There are quite a few of them and they are well Ordinary, or weak. I would not suggest using them for any reason (other than Angle to heal you. Angel is quite a good one to have) I personally did not find it hard to get Elite hero's so there should not be any need for Ordinary's. However if you arent able to get Elites and you are stuck with Ordinary's then my faves are:
1. Marksman
2. Engineer
3. Hill Giant
4. Marauder
5. Dryad
6. Alchemist
7. Frost Witch

There is some okay heros in there, but I recomend using the highest class you can. The top teams I like to use for area is:
1. Legendary's (Not Saccubus as I dont have room for her - still a great Hero tho)
2. Executioner, Assassin, Cyclops, Pain-Da, Shaman - this a good attack group. ment to go around the enemys defence. You can stand up and fight them but that is not adviced with this set up.
3. Executioner, Assassin, Cyclops, Pain-Da, Angel - Yes there is an Ordinary hero, but the Angel heals you and is very helpful. This a good group to stand up and fight the enemy's heros.

Thank you for taking the time read this and remeber this is only my favs.. so not everyone may agree with this and I understand that. Let me know in PM or in this thread if you need/want advice on what to do with your set up.

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pd is king

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druid paladin hight bast king 
me like ninja /and all hero king of bast 

tapi semua belum saya miliki!!

//////////////////////////don"t for get me //fuck/////
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I've got 3 heroes and 3 hero bases, but I can't get the third hero in the third base. Is there some requirement? I know that this isn't the best thread to ask, but all the threads about heroes are closed for replies. Hope someone can help me out.

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No love for the only hero who attacks 20 targets a dozen times in a row?

Also Ass. is a common 1000ms attacker.

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Posted on 2/5/15 5:29:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only PD...orks...or vlad ..cupid you left the best ones out it seems. Druid is greater. But I think those other hero's are above it. I mean u can't even beat mesa with out PD. And orks and Vlad with at least 1/5 life drain . inscribed with anything g are vicious. I got lucky and never needed pay. I k ow he has a lot of fans....but isn't maken it off my bench lol

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Hill Giant is my favorite hero

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The hero who makes 240 distinct attacks with each proc isn't on your list?

Clash of Desert for CC players
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