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[Guides] Defensive Build Guides

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Creating a thread to show appreciation to the players that I random raid that I believe have a great defensive setup.

Check out this series on buffing up SandSeven's defense:
1st video:
2nd video:
3rd video:

Adding SandSeven's video regarding defensive setups. Let him know what defense you want to see tested and he will set it up and let it be raided. Really great idea here take advantage of this!

chadlee (high lvl towers that focus together)
Uyllii (focusing towers)
Genocat (confusion base)
fannn (high lvl camps and buildings)
Lord_Locky (multi-walls)
tattoot2 (multi-walls)
VAUK (base within a base)
niggy (island placement and towers)
Hin126 (no good drop zone, high lvl Heroes)
weirdon (confusion base)
Enarak (base within a base , 5 star SM)
SandSeven (distributed tower and Hero aggro)
Prestine (focused tower aggro, high lvl Heroes)
milmil (distributed aggro towers and Heroes)
Liminality (lvl 90 Executioner)
Cheese81 (focused towers and Heroes with high level Hero bases)
azh (Unique Army Camp placement, no way to eliminate lvl 5 Griffens without losses)
Gazelle (beast Heroes)
Konzetsu (Towers from Hell itself)
Wird0 (split raider offense)

There are others, but I'll start there.
(Honorary Mentions, like the ones I skipped the hell over: CelestialRob, Wird0, SBSP)

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how can you call that great defence? they are at the very top of the ladder. thats expected. maybe tell us someone from top 500-1000k that you have hard time raiding

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Would be helpful if you let us n00bs know what makes it difficult - the towers? the troops? the heroes? what kind of wall placements make it more difficult?

Thanks :)

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right now the best defense    if you defend, you risk getting robbed 10 or 15 tikes, ratber than once.

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if u making 0 deffense eventually benefit higher player to riad u often. slightly free lvled their hero with out die. y dont u think u make fair deff ppl almost same lv raid u and die hereos waiting respawn while u do the same.

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The most daunting part of a base such as chadlee's are his towers focusing ability against his 50k HP walls, and his Heroes. This is probably the most important part of any base defense. He has max level fariy dragons and I only used lvl 5 Hunters completely rolling over his bases with 2 losses. It was the towers and Heroes that stopped me at a measly 26%

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Are you shielded atm?