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[Guides] Tips for buying expensive upgrades

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Posted on 9/19/13 5:00:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As you play Castle Clash longer and longer it starts becoming very expensive to make upgrades.  Some times 1 million gold or more.  Here are a few tips for helping to earn the money:

1. Upgrade your Gold Vault to be big enough for what you need to store.  It is impossible to buy something unless your vault is big enough to store the gold for it.

2.  Upgrade your gold mines.  While you want to be carefull not to have your gold mines too high as compared to your heroes level and troop strength, you do not want to leave them never upgraded.

3.  Be willing to lose some money in a raid.  Frankly, for those million dollar upgrades, it is often best to accumulate money, get raided, and accumulate more.

4. Time your raiding to supplement income.  Whenever your shields are ready to come up, do some raiding in order to earn money.

5.  Carefully select who you raid.  Make sure to raid folks who are weak enough that you will be able to most easly win, while also making more in gold then you spend in the attack.  Try to raid folks with the most gold possible.  Sometimes this means skipping through 10 names or so.  

6.  Keep your base as undefended as possible and your gold vault and mines in the center of your base.  The goal on defense is to lose 100% so that you will have the least money raided from you possible.  DO not leave any mines accessable for cherrie picking.

7. Consider, if needed, cancelling upgrades as a way to save money from raids.  If you are desperate, you can cancell an upgrade and get back 1/2 the money to put towards a new large upgrade you may need.

8. Keep a few Gems in reserve to make up the difference.

9.  Do not try to upgrade beyond where you should.  If you find you cannot afford an upgrade after saving up for 2 days, do not try for it.  Wait until your heroes are of higher level.  One of the biggest mistakes players make is trying to use all theri builders all the time and/or trying to max their upgrades.  Do not upgradeyour buildings ahead of your heroes.  Do not build any buildings at or above level 12 until your have 5 strong heroes.  

10. Keep your resource buildings at the same level.  Keep all your gold mines, etc at the same level. This is the most cost effective way to get the most out of them.

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