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[Guides] Ways to beat Skull dungeons open thread

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Posted on 10/5/13 7:57:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks guys! Really found it tough cracking the higher dungeons without getting messed up.

As for uploading pictures, can do so quite easily without uploading to a picture hosting site by clicking advanced button on reply then finding the image next to where the smiley face is on the fonts bar.

Would be lovely if when you leave a strategy for a dungeon you note what heros+their level/troops you use.

Posted on 10/5/13 9:49:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

(85589317) replied at 10-5-2013 08:16 AM
Dungeon 3 skull 1

Drop druid first to build up his proc then drop the rest.

Ok, managed to attach the images from PC.

Thanks, didn't know about the advanced mode.  Phone too small, couldn't see it, haha.

Posted on 10/6/13 1:38:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Bump, good thread guys. Anyone else have tips?

Posted on 10/6/13 4:44:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I know it's not helpful to hear but you need a druid. I really struggled until I got one. Save up shards from D1S2/D2S1 until you can afford him. It takes ages but is worth the wait. I'm currently doing D2S2 with no losses, sometimes using restoration with Druid (86), Succubus (78) and Paladin (83).

I would have thought with your hero's you could do D2S1. I would drop paladin at the bottom to let the troops/assasin target him and then drop your other hero's. Maybe use arrow rain on the other troop camp. Then use restoration or guardian angel when you need it. An Angel might help until you get a druid too. Hope some of this is helpful.