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[Guides] Top 100 Arena Scouting Reports

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I had thought to share notes between a few, and by doing so gaining an unfair advantage until clans come out. I feel like this would benefit the action in the arena's Top 1,000. It would give those on the rise, a good view of what is needed to compete in the top 100.

It will also reward actively defending players. That's a big one for me. I believe the lack of defense..., except niggy, that's like trying to raid hell itself, leaves players like me, that, predict people's actions aka read well, exceed by anticipating an enemies change or lack there of  in defense. Having video reviews for most players bouncing between #300 and #1 will lead to more 2 turn arena wins resulting in defense excelling and overall better Arena Battles.

I will record and note each arena turn I take. I will upload almost live :D. It takes about 2 minutes to put up a video on youtube after finishing a contest, so when I'm on wifi, I do the next best thing to streaming it. You'll get to see many of same people you face, and how to beat them if they run the same defensive setup for a couple days.

Well here's the series, it will be a Top 100 Arena Action Highlights with analysis. Here is the pilot which was never intended to be seen but, if you guys like it, the series will continue.

They will be sorted by Name. Good Luck!!!


Top 100 Arena Scouting Reports

Player (Will also be a link to the scouting report video):
Hero/Lv     Talent/Talent/Lv     Ability/Lv (anything in red font means a game changer and if no talent or ability level is seen it is still unknown)
Defensive setup last seen

ButterBong Defensive ScoutAssassin 86
Druid 93
Ninja 91
Paladin 92
Spirit Mage 94

Ninja and Assassin run the middle while the rest take the bottom path. I send all 5 down the middle with no losses for an easy win. No talents were obvious like revitalize or enfeeble.

Weapon777's DPS based squad is crafty againAssassin 84 Revitalize 2/5
Ninja 84 War God 4 or 5/5??? Slash 3/9 I believe since Ninja proc'ed for 15k dmg without a Druid's Energetic boost.
Succubus 81 Enfeeble 3/5 Death's Lash 3/9
Paladin 84
Spirit Mage 70

She sent the Pali low and the rest high; however, don't ever bet on her (I am refering to the gender of the Hero posted in the Arena for all players) defense being the same. Weapon played my defense as if she could see it before hand even with my ever changing set up. One of the smartest and flat good arena players I've had the pleasure of challenging on many occasions.

This is an on going updated section. I will try to get my entire current list of players here some time in the next 24 hours.

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Honestly there is next to no strategy at all in Arena. It all comes down to how good your heros are and some basic knowledge about the game.

I do like your videos though, it would be nice to see some higher level dungeons.

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Interesting stuff!

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Its not worth it since people level up, but if you enjoy it, go ahead by all means.
And there is strategy, I've gotten from rank 30 to the teens simply by strategy (raw power never works).