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[Guides] Apaches guide to playing CC

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Edited by Apache613 at 12-12-2013 03:22 PM

As of 12/12/2013, adjustments have been made that change this strategy.  

Most notably:

-Walls no longer add might
-Heroes account for more might

First off, my first account is around 9K might and usually in the top 300 for arena.  This guide is for people to NOT be like me.  My first account is screwed, I have little options to progress any further.

The options I have are as follows:

1:Hack (I don't consider it an option as I hate cheaters, but I've seen my fair share of hackers in this game)
2: Smurf (It's not as bad as hacking IMO, but its still kinda cheating)
3: Level only through dungeons.  This is BORING and VERY time consuming.
4: Raid at a stagnating pace (i.e. spending 4/5ths of your time waiting on troops/heros to respawn)
5: Start over (either a new account or reset your account).  I started a new account
6: Quit the game

As i said above, I started a new account.  This is the strat I've been using on that account.  I'm able to avoid the pitfalls of my previous endeavors and create a very strong base.  I've yet to be even taken above 50% on base defense and I've never met an opponent I couldn't raid Very easily (over 900 raids and counting).   I'm not saying I'm the greatest or that my base is indestructible to anyone, just that its indestructible to anyone around my might.  Sure someone with a full set of level 80+ legendarys could 100% me, but my might is at LEAST a quarterof theirs.  They would never fight me in a random raid, so the only way they would go against me is by hunting through hundreds of thousands of pages to find my account.

I thought I would share some of the things with the community that I've done and hopefully people won't make the same mistakes I made on my first account.

This strat is basicly what people used as smurf accounts. The main difference is that instead of being a smurf, it's your main account.  You use this strategy to help you transition into high level raiding.  The goal is to keep your might as low as possible while leveling things in a specific order.  Once you get high might, It is Extremely hard to do many of the things that you need to do to progress.  

Once you have high level heros (100+), then you can focus on building walls/towers/legendary heros/upgraded army camps/upgraded hero bases/etc...  The trick is to not be like me and do these tings before your heros are high level, otherwise you will be screwed like me and have to lose 1/2+ your army every raid.  Not only will you save gold/mana in the long run, you will not have to wait around for troop and hero resurects.  

Background onthis strat:

- Gold and Mana are a non issue. You will have them coming out your ears.  
- Gems should be used for extra builders and possibly talent re-rolls for high level heroes.  You can also use them to buy heros and sacrifice them, although make sure they have a good talent before leveling a heros ability’s.  
- Dungeon Shards should be used to buy ordinary heros and slimes.  Buying a new ordinary hero costs around 30-44 shards, this is a much cheaper way to get"talent re-rolls" than spending 300 Gems.  
-Heros are your bread and butter.  Focus on leveling them up before everything else.  
- You don't need to spend $ for this strat to work.  However, spending $ will help significantly in getting things up and running.  You could also so some of the "free gems" things instead of spending $.


     The main thing to remember when upgrading troops is: Stick to 1 troop type. Don't level up multiple troops (except the beginning when you need them  to unlock hunter/mage).  Leveling up multiple troop types gives you unnecessary might (and quite a lot at the higher troop levels).  I would strongly recommend either choosing the hunter path of the mage path.  They both have pros and cons.

-Hunter Path: More health than Mage/Gryphon/Dragon in their respective level.  Lower cost thanMage/Gryphon/Dragon.  Faster train times than Mage/Gryphon/Dragon.

-Mage Path: More damage than Hunter/Centaur/Shotgun Dwarf.  Gryphons and Dragons are flying, so they go over walls and are immune to cannon towers.   

I went with the hunter path mainly because they are more tanky, cheaper, and faster train times.  I stopped leveling my Centaurs at level 4, mainly because I don't really need them.

Leveling and acquiring Heros:

    I stick with ordinary heros.  They have a lower base might and gain less might per level than elite/legendary heros.  Having 5 level 80+ heros at under 2K might is EZ mode raiding.  It's rare to see an opponent even have 1 level 40+ hero in their base. You start off with the executioner, keep him until you have 5 other heros.  Once you have 5 heros, you can sacrifice him to lower your might.  

     My setup includes the following heros: Angel, Engineer, Frost Witch, Alchemist, and Marksman.  I like this setup since they are all ranged. I've debated adding a marauder into the mix for a tank, but I haven’t needed it so far.  HB can be scarce at first, but if you use the"free gems" stuff, you can get 30,000 w/o spending any money.  This will let you get them all to 60+ fast.

     I run my dungeons when ever they are up, but your main source of xp is from raids.  Raiding is so easy, you can just raid one opponent after another without any downtime.  The only limit is to how many times you can farm w/o becoming bored.  

Building and Upgradingyour Town:

     Keeping with the strat, you want to keep your might as low as possible.  This means you need to be careful when building and upgrading your town. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-Don't build walls.  They are a waste of might.  W/O any walls, you save a considerable amount of might that will allow you to get your troops and heros to higher levels.
- Don't build towers.  Same as walls.  All your base defense needs is your troops and heros.  With high level troops and heros, opponents will stand little chance when attacking your base.
-Don't build or upgrade gold mines and mana mills.  They are a waste of might.  You will get so much gold/mana from raiding, that you won't need them.  

-Upgrade your Gold/Mana vaults.  You need these to store gold/mana.  
- Upgrade your Town Hall.  Make sure to keep your eye on the main objective when doing this (keeping your might low).  You will need to upgrade your Town Hall to level up your vaults and add new ones.  I would advise to upgrade your TH in stages.  At level 6/10/14 you will gain access to an additional vault (1 of each gold and mana).  When you notice that you are in need of more storage then look at upgrading your TH to hit these levels.  

Optional tips, but notsignificant
- Upgrade your Army camps to have an even number of troops (in respect to your selected troop).  I have 4 level 3 Army camps that allow 8 centaurs each.   Just remember not to go overboard as every upgrade increases your might.
- I didn't even build a Relic Hall.  I have no need for spells when raiding.  I guess you could build one if you want, but its also an increase in might that you likely wont need.
- I never needed to upgrade Hero bases, but you could if you would like.  As before, just remember to keep an eye on your might.

Base Defense:
- If you follow my advice you will only really have to worry about protecting your gold and mana vaults.  When setting up your base, make this your #1 priority.  Make sure to position your Army camps and Hero Bases to protect your vaults.  
- Personally I just put all the other crap (TH, Arena, Training Center, Heroes Alter and your starting gold/mana mines) sparaticly around the outside of my base. They are of little significance so they aren't worth protecting. You could use them as obstacles to help protect your vaults, but I like the idea of having a small mini base and just laughing when people try and attack me just to instantly lose their whole army.

I hope this helps some of you.  It's very sad that my first Account has a SM with 5/5 revive, Ninja with 4/5 self distruct, Druid with 3/5 revitalize, Pally with 3/5 stone skin and not be able to level them.  Don't be like me.  Plan your upgrades accordingly to avoid this blunder.  

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How much did you spend on your first account!?

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Edited by Apache613 at 10-10-2013 08:41 PM

Dandyzz replied at 10-10-2013 08:30 PM
How much did you spend on your first account!?

Probably around 500 over the 2-3 months I've been playing.  I did all the "free Gem" offers as well.  I stopped smoking and have been spending most of the $ I've saved on CC.  11$ a day adds up :)

I did spend 10$ on my 2nd account as well.  I mainly spent it for the HB since Arena is a lot harder at lower levels with ordinary heros.  

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The limitation of this is HB.  Without strong legendaries, you won't go far in arena and get the HB you need to level your heroes.

At 1 point I was on page 400 and had difficulty raiding.  I slowed down my building and I'm now on page 700+ with easier raids, so, you can still rescue your 9k might account.

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scissors7 replied at 10-10-2013 09:03 PM
The limitation of this is HB.  Without strong legendaries, you won't go far in arena and get the HB  ...

Yes HB is a limitation, but that's true with every thing.   

Unless you are willing to spend 1,000's of dollars or just have incredible luck, the HB is a trivial point. To get to the top 100 you need to spend $.  If your not in the top 100 for arena, it doesn't really matter.   50 HB/h as opposed to 100 or 110/h isn't going to make or break you that much.  

Furthermore, you can raid consistently making 5+ HB per raid.  You would only need to do 10 raids an hour to make up the difference.  I can easily do 50+ raids an hour if I was farming.

Getting started is probably the hardest part of this strat.  But luckily IGG now gives HB as a reward for buying gems now.  All you need to do is sign up for some of the "free Gem" crap and then cancel the next day to get free gems/HB.

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Great !!! thank you

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Thanks for the guide. I started playing on a different account too because I feel I went down the 'wrong path'. I got to 5k might and need to wait ~30 minutes each raid to replenish my troops. I spent too much on production buildings and defenses and raiding became too hard. I am doing something pretty similar to your build except I went gryphons, built some walls and towers by mistake, and got lucky with 2 legendary heroes. I agree with almost everything you said, with a few exceptions.
1) Gryphons vs Centaurs. I find the flying over walls and immunity to cannon towers way too valuable. Their dps is amazing, and they won't get hit since my heroes are doing most of the work/tanking. I normally bring them out after I've eliminated all my opponents troops, heroes, and towers, so dying with them rare become an issue. I suppose this might be personal preference. Out of curiosity, when do you find the Centaur's hp pool to be a key factor?
2) Ordinary heroes and gem spending. As you mentioned, heroes are everything. Do you stick with ordinary heroes until you get legendary heroes? Or do you stick with ordinary heroes period? I prefer spending all the gems I get on chances to get legendary, I even skipped in 4th builder to keep rolling. I feel only after you've acquired the heroes you're happy with, spending on talent rerolls and too many builders might not be the best idea.
3) Relic Hall. This is my personal preference, I like get level 5 restoration and level nothing else. One restore is all I need in most raids to win 100% without losing any heroes. I haven't tested it with level one restoration, maybe that is enough.

Great guide, I think it will be very helpful for progressing in this game comfortably.

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I'm a bit over 7k might and am considering all the same options. I haven't made any significant progress for almost 3 weeks now. I haven't been lucky enough to get the heroes I need to succeed and I've screwed up upgrading insignificant items. I'm tempted to start over but it sounds so painful to lose all my invested time. Thanks for writing this up. I see that murloc's "smurf" guide was deleted; I suppose the whole free shards achievement was total BS after all lol.

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Tildemonster replied at 10-11-2013 03:36 AM
Thanks for the guide. I started playing on a different account too because I feel I went down the 'w ...

1.  I think Gryphons are viable as well.  The main reason I chose Centaurs is because they have more health.  I just drop my heroes down and when it looks like they might be in trouble, I drop 5-10 centaurs for back up.  
  IMO the main problem with having heroes doing all the work, is that it will take you longer to 100% opponents.  Having Centaurs that are pretty tanky allows me to run multiple raids faster and not worry to much about losing troops.  

2.  I've stuck with ordinary troops so far.  When I get my Heroes to around level 100, I might start switching to legendarys if I feel the need.  

3.  Relic hall is definitely useful, but its also a pretty big might investment for just placing it down (around +30 might if I remember correct).  Upgrades will cost you even more might.  The question you have to ask yourself is is a relic hall worth 30 levels on heroes?  I don't think it is, but things might change as my might gets higher.  

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AceNJ replied at 10-11-2013 06:01 AM
I'm a bit over 7k might and am considering all the same options. I haven't made any significant prog ...

Yeah, I upgraded every troop on my first account :'(  I also spend any additional gold before I logged upgrading walls :'(

I still have my first account and do arenas and dungeons occasionally, but not being able to effectively raid makes the game pretty stale.