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[Guides] D2S2 Shard Farming (show your strategies)

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Posted on 10/15/13 5:43:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dungeon 2 Skull 2 is one of the good dungeons to farm shards and gain EXP for your heroes. There are various ways on how you can clear this dungeon 100% without any hero or troop losses (even without using spells).

Here is how I do it in 3 easy steps:

1. I drop my druid in the bottom left corner of the base in front (just a bit to the right) of the arrow tower. The druid will be able to absorb the hits of both the arrow tower and the shaman.

2. The druid will go right and will attract the troops. Once the troops lock-on to the druid I drop my ninja to take care of them. If you don't have a ninja, this is the point where you could drop the rest of your 4 heroes. Note that the druid will still be able to absorb the hits from the adjacent two arrow towers on the right.

3. The ninja will then attract the attention of the executioner and he will be able to take him down. At this point, deploy all your griffins in front of the arrow tower on the lower right corner. Alternatively, you could also deploy the rest of your heroes here if you have a ninja (which I did in the pic).

Then just monitor the progress of the raid, especially if you need use Restoration on the ninja (if he gets attacked by the troops in the middle too much). Otherwise the results would be zero troop and hero losses.

How about you guys what's your technique on D2S2?

Posted on 10/15/13 6:03:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dont have screenie, my tactic is simple

1. drop my druid on the left side of the top barracks. Tank attacks to cast heal, attract aggro of painda and assasin, drop off ninja and hard heros. HOLD on to my paper heros.

Note: This is a 50/50 chance my ninja might jump to the next building with execution nearby. if you drop your paper heros then goodgame gonna die.

2. By right my heros will go towards to the 2 altar spots then it will start going a clockwise direction. Then you can throw troops and remaining heros.

IF your heros can split, very easy use your troops to destroy the nearest building to ninja, he will backoff and join your heroes army.

Biggest threat > Executioner!!! Even though this heroes dont have talents, i believe they have max skill. How can an executioner with 1 special atk does 6k damage on my ninja ... xD!! Damn...

Posted on 10/15/13 6:23:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. I drop all my heroes at the corner where the Assassin is... then they go crazy.
2. Once the Executioner is dead, I drop all my troops near the lower right corner tower.
3. 100% Victory, no losses, instant 5 shards.:victory:

Posted on 10/15/13 8:39:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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This level is pretty easy with just a 5 star Druid.  The trick is getting rid of the Assassin and the Executioner.

1.)  Drop 3-4 Hunters in front of the Pain-Da base to draw him out(not too far to the right or you will target the troops from the barracks).  You can use more, but chances are he will proc his splash damage and kill any more troops that you deploy.

2.)  Drop your Druid to target the Pain-Da while he is attacking the Hunters.  The Druid should take out the Pain-Da with little to no damage and then focus on his base.  This will draw out the Assassin.  Drop 3-4 more Hunters to help the Druid kill the Assassin.  This is the most critical step in the level.

3.)  Now just let the Druid go to work on the rest of the level.  Watch closely as you may need to help him when he comes across the Executioner.  You can use magic or drop a few more troops to help.  

4.)  You should be home free at this point.  Now your only obstacle is time.  You can deploy troops around the perimeter to help destroy some buildings, while avoiding heroes.

The result should be 7-8 Hunters lost, and 760 Exp for your Druid :D

**You can level other heroes really quickly using this method.  Just drop the hero that you want to level towards the end of the round before they have a chance to get killed.  I can level a hero from 0-60 in a day using this method.  Results in 380 exp for each hero.

Posted on 10/15/13 5:05:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just drop everyone in the top left where the painda and assassin are. Usually minimal losses.

Posted on 10/15/13 9:55:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just switched to this dungeon from D2S1, and I've been clearing it with no losses with just my heroes. I just drop them all, pally first at the top of the map near the assassin.

79 Druid
71 Champ
59 Pally
57 Mage
52 Thor

Posted on 10/15/13 10:45:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just drop my druid on top right on the northwest side of the troop camp, wait for him to clear it, then most of the time he turns left to attack the pain-da/assassin, and that's when I send my other heroes. Then once my heroes brake the wall and enter the base, I send my troops behind my heroes. Most of the time I don't lose any units unless a hero decides to randomly wonder away from the pack or sometimes 3-4 griffins will run in the opposite direction and they juts die.

Posted on 10/16/13 1:44:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Does anyone have a successful (minimal heroes loss) strategy that doesn't involve a Druid?  All I got are level 60 heroes and archers.  They can finish but usually the Angel is the sole survivor!

Posted on 10/16/13 2:20:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I will post a video of D2;S2 not using Druid.

Posted on 10/16/13 2:39:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Get on some right here
Druidless D2;S2