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[Guides] Destroyer smurf guide (P2P)

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The destroyer smurf, P2P version.

So, you're thinking about getting a smurf account with some high level heroes and dominate every raid you can find?
Looking for a high spot in the arena team?
This is the way on how to level up your heroes the fastest and dominate people around your might level.
Why would you start a new account? You probably messed up your might anyway and it is too hard to improve at all, either your base(because of the lack of gold) or because your heroes wont level(opponent's their base is too strong!).

Here's a litle guide to you folks on how to make the, how i call it, destroyer smurf. The concept: High level heroes only.

Step 1: Setup a new character.
Step 2: put down the Arena ASAP to gain some HB in the start and upgrade the guardian once to get hunters level 1
Step 3: Wait till 15%+ bonus and get a SM + gamble for legendary's
Step 4: Level your townhall to level 7 and put down some hero bases.
Step 5: Try to level your Gold vault's with gems, so you dont have to level the mana vaults. Keep the gold vaults as low as possible too! They are only needed to level up your heroes anyway.
Step 6: Raid a few hours... all ur heroes should be 60+ on the end of the day.
Step 7: This is more a choise... Relic hall to level 8. Level Resto spell to level 5.
Step 8: Level your killer heroes even more!

Absolute Don'ts on this type of account:
No walls - too much might
No towers - why increasing in might when they only steal 25%? You'll get it back in 1 raid.
No gold mines/mana mills - no need for it. 100k+ per raid in 40 secs says enough i guess.. too much might.
No troup upgrades - You might need a few troops in the start.. but as soon you hit the 2k might(realy fast) you don't need em anymore and you can just use your heroes only.
Army camp - I personally did this mistake, at higher might it doesn't matter that much... but it's still might increasement.
Hero bases - You can level this if you want... just to see how people fail against only heroes... it's still might :p
Mana vault - too much might increasement actually... you can level up your gold vaults with gems if you want.

Down here is an example of how my current base looks like:
I did mess up a bit on the army camps. Tought it was needed, but at like 2k might you dont even use any troops at all.
I don't want to spend that much money anymore, so thats why i got mana vaults. 110k mana needed to level my gold vaults to level 9(300k cap for 6* heroes).

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So thats why you hit so hard in the Boss battles :D

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Hehe :p it's so easy to level up your heroes... @5k might I should have atleast 2 120's and others 100.

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i find it so unfair. Smurfs have unlimited xp to farm on. No challenge whats so ever.

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BroskiPlease replied at 11-17-2013 10:53 AM
i find it so unfair. Smurfs have unlimited xp to farm on. No challenge whats so ever.

It kinda is... maybe :D

I've seen other smurfs with full legend team but lvl 80's... GA on your own heroes and you 100% em.

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Wow very impressive!

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I made a smurf but don't seem to have an option to attack him. What am I doing wrong?

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they may have an active shield

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can you tell what do you mean in step 3? what is 15% and SM?

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very nice read. thanks for the info.