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[Guides] The decision on investing money into gems

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First of all, english isn't my mother language and im super dyslective.. so expect alot of grammar rape.

Yes, i'm going to burn my fingers on this subject.
What i'm about to write down for you guys is just my vision and my expectations about this game and everyone can ofcourse have an other vision about this subject.

The big question for a lot of players: Will these gems be worth paying for?

To start off, i want you to think about what you have.
Can you afford this amount of money? Is there a possibility to get into financial problems? Are there other things with any priority?
If the answer on the first question is: NO, please.. stop with reading and don't spend any money
If the answer is Yes, yes, no.. please, don't spend any money on this game
If the answer is Yes, no, yes, please read on!
If the answer is Yes, no, no.. please read on!

So you made it this far now! :D You're thinking about spending gems on this game.

Let's think about the future now... and please read every 4 parts on it's own!

The SM argument
IF you spend this amount of money to get an SM...
Will you be a better player? Yes, probably you will have a higher chance to raid bases and 100% them, because a 4/9 talent of a SM is the same as a TG and we all know how good he is in raids/dungs.
But... if you are at high might, it won't mean that you will be 100%ing every base!
You will beat every base if you didn't invest in any defense and only have magic up to lvl 1 GA.(i got this kind of account atm)
The majority of people with an SM already have a big base and didn't think about this subject.

The talents argument
I will devide this subject in two parts. Raiding and arena fighting.
Talent refreshes are fine if you are good at raiding. I personally do 1 min max raids till i 100% someone. and i'm always sure i 100% someone. I have an other account with an SM, 6k might.. and he's having a hard time to raid without losses. Half of the army is gone mainly. And the fact that raiding to level 180 heroes for the endgame is INSANE!!! BUT!! If you have fun in doing raids and find this challenging enough, you should invest in spending gems as you won't quit the coming two months probably.

You're looking to refresh talents to compete in the arena.
I think this will be a big waste of money! This has many reasons.
To start off, you need to spend atleast another 50k gems in order to have a fully functional team.
If this is no problem to you, we move on to the hero levels.
The current arena from the 50th spot to 1st, is filled with 5/5 perfect teams. For now... you won't compete there yet as your levels of your hero's are probably too low.
Now, the max level for hero's is stated at 180. In order to get this you need to raid ALOT, months maybe years in order to get that.(If you have high might, it still can be a problem). Keep in mind also that Gazelle, eddy etc ALREADY have 140 hero's and you are probably about level 100 hero's.
The difference between top 20 players is that they get 2k HB/h, and you 100 hb/h which will mean, if you have hb problems right now, you will never catch up to the top players. by the time you have 140 hero's, they are already 180 for 6 months.
If you have problems with leveling, you might not raid that much and will NEVER be able to catch up at all.

Leveling buildings:
This is a thing i understood later in the game. If you want to build a big base and are still medium, DON'T EVER invest in faster building upgrades. just hire 5 workers and that's it. after a while you will only find raids with max 50k in their vaults and you maybe not even 100% em. After a while you need to spend 500+ gems to upgrade one building.. and in the end.. building isn't everything. this game is about raiding and doing dungeons/arena's.


Guild Boss battle:
This is once upon a day, if you think it's worth spending gems for you should! but i dont think this is a smart thing to do, and i think you know why ;)

Ok, if you came this far, i would already thank you for investing your time to read this bit.
All i ask is just slightly more for other opinions.

If you have higher might, you probably need to think about investing, considering you will never catch up to the top in the arena or having problems during raids. This is a realy down side. If you lose alot of raids, you probably shouldn't invest anything, because you will have to wait too much. This waiting takes a lot of time and it will get you bored in the end(mainly after two months). and then you will regret for spending your money on gems.

For myself, i own a base like eddielau or myllii (no investment on troups/defence, minimal on mana/gold vaults or magic).
(please read my guide on this thread: )
If you just started on this game, and find it VERY amusing, i strongly suggest to make an account like that.
The reason behind this is that you will have strong powered heroes and having no issues doing raids at all.
If you have an older account, you might can consider this option.

In the end, it's your money and you decide with what to do with this. Choose wisely and don't ever let temptation catch you. Think about concequences and what other things you can do with the money. After you tought about that, re-think and make your decision!

Please, make this thread interactive with other players and open other players their eyes with your vision about this subject!

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day with alot of fun!

~Naufraga out

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awesome reading.
thank for this post ;)

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keysmaster replied at 11-27-2013 02:18 AM
awesome reading.
thank for this post ;)

I hope it was helpfull ;)



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