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[Guides] For beginners to play easier and fun :)

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When you start castle clash don't buy/upgrade everything yet, 'cause later on you will see it becomes very difficult when you reach higher might then you might get bored with your account't build any
-mana mill
-gold mines
-watch towers
these add alot of might.

level up your town hall to atleast lvl 7 for your 5 heroes and later you can level it more for the 4th army camp.

at the training center only level your favorite troops, don't level all after the other cause that adds some might too.

level your gold/mana vault as much as you can 'cause you'll need all the gold and mana you can for higher level troop and also level up your relic hall for more magic.

These are the basic things you need to do for less might in you account :)

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If you're that new, I'd just start over IMO.

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This thread is nonsense.

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Don't be discouraged. I am free to play, and playing for almost 2 weeks. I did everything the exact opposite of what he says too, but now I'm at about 4500 might and all elite heros lvl 60/+ (yeah my gem rolls are abysmal). I win every single raid I fight in and raids against me are me winning 60% losing 40%. Check the threads talking about better defenses if you actually want to test out one. Otherwise, dont build any defense at all. You'll only get raided once and your shield will be up (but the best defense is to use all your gold before you afk).

Only use gems for hero rolling (or talents, later). Only use HB for hero upgrades. RAID RAID RAID. You'll be rollling around in so much gold that you'll naturally have a strong everything. That's basically it for beginners. Strong defenses come later not without some trial and error.

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I'm really excited about this thread because it is really working :)

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Sisypha replied at 12-11-2013 03:29 PM
In beginning my game, I did everything EXACTLY the opposite to the way you recommend in your "For Be ...

It's not to late to start over, i can get a new account to 1k might in around 1 minute with the starting gems, but use all your starting gems from the first offers you get to roll for heroes !! , because there's nothing better than to start with a thunder god, druid or even a DUKE !!