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[Guides] Guild Guide - (edited)

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If you make guides, please take below information.

Below you will find admin's guild introduction post ( I have added more details in purple and red below.

1)       Guild
★       Players must first build a (Guild Hall) before they can join a Guild or create a Guild.
★       Your Town Hall must reach a certain level (Town Hall Level 6 - it will add 300 might) to unlock the Guild feature.

1.1 Guild Intro
★       Simply tap on the Guild button to enter the Guild interface, where you may choose to either join a Guild or create a Guild of your own (You need $500,000).

1.2 Create A Guild

★       Tap on the Create Guild tab to enter the Guild creation interface.
★       You must enter a Guild name, select a Banner,enter a Guild Notice and the Might requirement for your Guild.
          1.   Guild Name: one of the base requirements for Guild creation. Please select a good name for your Guild.
          2.   Guild Banner: Select a cool Banner for your Guild,to make it look more attractive to potential members.

★       Some special Banners have to be purchased with Gems.
          3.   Guild Notice: Introduce your Guild’s goals, which will be displayed in the Guild Notice.
          4.   Might Requirement: This is set by the Guild Leader when the Guild is created. It can be modified at a later date by the Guild Leader or an Elite.

Guild name & banner can not be changed; however Notice & Might can. Notice can not be seen until you have joined a guild. Elite may be referring to vice captain feature (which wasn't introduced unitl just now Dec 2013 - requires more research to verify)

1.3 Join A Guild

★       You can select a suitable Guild from the list to see more details about the Guild or to join it.
★       Tap “Join” to join the Guild.

1.4 Search For A Guild

★       You may also search for a Guild in the search section.

2)       My Guild

★       Once you enter your own Guild, you will see the Guild notice, members list and other Guild related details.
★       Members will be able to see basic info about their guild as well as the member rankings.
          1.   Basic Info: Guild Banner, Rankings, Credits, number of members, Notice (written by the Guild Leader)
          2.   Guild Members: Member ranking (according to amount of donations), Might, number of days offline, donation amount
★       The Guild Leader and Elites have the authority to expel members (unable to expel members with the same guild status).
★       The Guild Leader can pass Guild leadership to one of the members.
★       After a guild member has left the guild, he will have to wait for 24 hours before he can join another guild.
  If you leave a guild all your contributions will be removed even if you join back later (ex: Shard contributions as well as damage done to boss. Damage to boss will still have been done; however your count of damage done will reset to 0).
2.1 Guild Invite (updated on 11.27.2013)

★       The Guild leader can tap on the “Invite” button to broadcast an invitation on world chat.
★       The Guild leader has to spend Guild Credits to broadcast an invitation.
★       The Guild invitation will be displayed on world chat and players may tap on the “Join” button to join the guild directly.
★       Players who are already members of a guild will not be able to join another guild.
★       If a player does not have enough Might to join the Guild, a message will be displayed when the player taps the “Join” button.
★       When the Guild is already full, there will be a message informing the player that he is unable to join.

2.2 Guild Donations

★       Members can tap on the “Donate” button to make a donation. Donations increase Guild Credits.
1 Hero Shard = 1 Guild Credit
★       Guild Donation rankings are based on the a mount of Guild Credits obtained.
These also determine the amount of flags one is able to purchase. Ex: If I donated only 1 shard, even though my guild has 400 flags, I can only purchase 1 flag because I only donated 1 shard.

2.3 Guild Research

★       Donated Guild Credits can be spent on Guild research.
          1.   Guild Level: Raise Guild level to increase the Guild capacity and unlock other features (Guild levels up once requirements are met).
          2.   Guild Flag: Gives benefits to members during a battle

★       Buy Guild Flags
         1.   The Guild leader determines the amount of Flags available based on guild member demand.
         2.   Each Guild can only purchase one type of Flag at a time. The number of Flags purchased is limited by the Guild Hall’s capacity (the higher the Guild Hall level, the higher the capacity).
         3.   There will only be one type of Flag available for purchase at any onetime, and the Guild leader has to wait until all purchased Flags have been used before other Flags can be purchased.
         4.   Tap on the Flag to level it up (similar to Unit Leveling).

2.3.1 Level Up A Flag

★       Tap on the “Level Up” button to enter the buff-leveling interface.
Leveling up Guild increases maximum number of members in increments of 5. (30->35->40->etc)

Riches Flag offers 10% more resources. Upgrading occurs in increments of 5% (10%->15%->etc)
Protection flag reduces damage by 4% upon troops only (not heroes). Upgrading occurs in increments of 4% (4%->8%->etc)

It is unclear if this applies to troops already deployed (and not those deployed after the flag has been placed) like Are's Fevor.

2.3.2 Buy A Flag

★       Tap on the “Flag” button in the Guild Hall interface to enter the Flag purchasing interface.
★       The Flag is initially obtained by the Guild leader via purchases made in the Research section. Players may spend Credits to purchase Flags.
★       A completed purchase decreased the total number of Flags available in the Guild.
★       Purchased Flags will take up space in the Guild Hall. Level up the Guild Hall to increase the space available.
★       Purchased Flags can be used for a battle.Similar Flags can only be used once during a single battle (just like spells).
So above, each blue card supports 4 flags, this is referring to your own set of flags (not the guilds)

Troop talent is not available yet.

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Edited by (99455371) at 12-19-2013 03:17 PM

2.4 Guild Boss

★       The Guild Boss has to be activated by the Guild leader (can only be activated once per day), and it will remain activated for30 minutes only. You may enter repeatedly during this 30-minute period to fight the Boss. You are limited since you can only take heroes and if your hero dies then you have to wait for it to revive.
★       There are four types of Guild Bosses (Gold, Mana, Honor, Shard) with corresponding rewards.

Currently the honor badge boss is active (gold, mana, shard bosses have yet to come or they may appear after one defeats the honor boss) (honor boss HP is 48 milllion) rewards are:
Rank 1 3000 HB
Rank 2 2500 HB
Rank 3 - 10 unknown
Rank 10-etc No Rewards

There are 3 levels to the boss: a level up will earn you either 2x or 3000 more HB. Notice Boss HP increased by 166% to 80million.
*So you may either earn a maximum of 3k+6k+9k = 18k or 3+6+12 = 21k HB in a day from boss events. (needs verification)
* Thanks to Zen Guild for the above picks (PS: They kill the first boss in less than 11mins):

★       Once the Boss has been defeated, you can no longer attack it. Guild members will be ranked according to the damage dealt tothe Boss. The higher your rank, the better your rewards.  You can only use Heroes to attack the Boss.

3)        Guild Chat

★       The Guild Chat can be used by guild members for their daily chat or for broadcasting guild notices.
★       Guild Chat has no waiting time between messages and can be freely used by guild members.

Members have to be online in order to receive messages?

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Very well done, I believe this helps out quite  lot players

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Thanks glad it made a difference

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anybody notice those people donated like 100k shards and that one guy had like 10m ?

Join Viral | BossT3@21:00 | NO DONATION REQ | MESA 2/3/4 AFTER BOSS | LINE CHAT | GUILD LINK -->
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Everyone participating boss fight will get HB rewards.
Lvl 1 is 500hb, Lvl 2 is 1k hb, Lvl 3 is 2k hb

The top 10 rewards are on top of this base reward. For example, top 1 for lvl 1 boss get in total 3k + 500 = 3.5k HB

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(99455371) replied at 12-14-2013 05:14 PM
2.4 Guild Boss

When you donated 3000 shards, you will be promoted to as 'soldier'

Carpe Diem
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3. A confirmation prompt will be added when a player requests to join a Guild.
4. Flags Credit costs now cost the same for all Guild members.
5. Reduced the opponent’s Health in the "Challenge a Boss" activity. Tier 2 and Tier 3 Bosses are coming soon.

If the guild leader is not online for 7 consequent days, the rest guild members can vote for a new leader within 24 hours after the vote box popped-up.

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I applied to join some guild several days ago without their answer and since then I am not able to apply to join another guild. What can I do to apply to join a new guild now? Thank you