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[Guides] Tips for new people [from a new guy - Kizmar]

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I wrote this up for a friend that was asking how things worked, and though it might help others, so here:

Join a guild:
Build the Guild Hall, select it, tap "Guild", then tap the green magnifying glass in the upper-left-hand corner to find a specific guild. You can also page through guilds in the same area.

Guild chat sucks because it doesn't persist between sessions, so I never use it. You can't tell if people are talking unless you happen to be online at the time.

There's a lot more going on once yer in a guild, but I haven't used any of it. All I know is members can donate shards that unlock guild buffs / flags that you can use in your Guild Hall (I think).

Social side note: iOS (Apple devices) and Android devices don't mix in this game. It's a huge bummer, but they cater to the top 1% on this one. Top players don't want to lose their game standings, so they won't combine the two... even though this has a huge negative impact on new people that don't care about server standings.

There are two types of levels for heroes, star level, and regular level. For every star level, they will gain 20 regular levels. So star one is 1-20.

To upgrade to star two, tap on the Heroes Alter, tap on the hero you want to level. When they are available to upgrade the star level, there will be an "Upgrade" button in the middle-right-hand area of the window. Hit that, and it will tell you what you need to upgrade the hero (at the bottom). This is what you want to save up your HB (Hero Badges) for. You'll see big jumps in heroes strength and ability when you upgrade the star level.

Slimes: These heroes are only meant to upgrade the ability of your heroes. You can sacrifice them in the Heroes Alter > select a hero, then tap the up arrow on their ability. That will give you a list of unused heroes available for sacrifice.


Gems: You'll get these pretty regularly from daily repeatable achievements as you play the game. Save them up. The best use of these after you get an additional builder or two, is using them to purchase heroes.

Once you have 450 saved up, tap on the Heroes Alter, tap on "Hire With Gems" and tap on the "x3" button. This will give you three random blue or purple heroes. I've done it twice now. The first time I got two blue heroes and one blue slime (upgrade hero). The second time I got a purple, a blue, and a blue slime.

Hero Badges: These are collected as you run arena matches. You can't lose HB in the arena, so it behooves you to use up your arena matches even if you aren't winning - you still get 4-6 points when you lose. You also get gems for doing 10 matches each day. You can also obtain HB's by attacking other players, but can lose them if you lose attacks.

Don't spend hero badges to buy heros. It's a waste. You only get greens and the occasional blue. Although, you might want a few extra greens to fill the Garrisons of your defence towers (more later).

Shards: You get shards by fighting in the dungeons. When you tap "Battle", it's the blue swirly looking thing. The dungeon levels with skulls have a higher chance to drop shards. I've been farming the second skull level in the first dungeon for shards, they are hard to get. Find an easy one and use just heroes to farm it, costs less. ;)

So far, it seems the best use of shards is in a guild. They can be donated for guild buffs. Any other use is a waste (IMO) because of how hard these are to obtain. You can use them to purchase specific heroes if you want (in the Heroes Alter).

Defense Towers:
New towers are like little archer towers. Once they level high enough you'll see an "Upgrade" button when you select them (as opposed to the "Level Up" button). If you tap "Upgrade", it will let you select one of three upgrade types. "Level Up" will still level the tower itself - BUT, see tip below. ;)

I haven't done this yet, but I'm pretty sure it's the case: Once an upgrade is purchased, you can switch between them as you please (if you have more then one purchased). After leveling up the tower itself, the upgrades are more expensive, so it might make sense to buy all the variations in the upgrade menu before leveling it further. I'm not sure if levels cost more after buying more than one upgrade though... :)

Also, after upgrading the tower to a type: when selecting the tower, you'll now see a "Garrison" button. Tap that, this allows you to use three heroes to buff the tower. The hero's level will add points to the respective color. Once you have at least 50 points in a color, it will add a buff which is visible when viewing your base. Mix and match unused heroes to get at least 50 points in one to see what it does.

Disclaimer: I've only been playing the game for a couple weeks now, so these are tips for new people by a new person. This is stuff I wish I knew starting out, because I wasted shards and HB's before I knew better. :)

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Shards are used to purchase slimes to obtain exp in their skills, guild donations/buffs are secondary. It is also a sure way to obtain legendary heroes (chances of a legendary is roughly 1 in 20 through gems from what I gather)

Also, the "upgrade" option is misleading: when "upgrading" a tower, you are basically paying to change the type of tower. You still have to pay if you want to swap between each type, and the cost of upgrading will be the same as leveling your tower up from the previous level to your current one.

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wongzhiyao replied at 12-31-2013 08:11 AM
Shards are used to purchase slimes to obtain exp in their skills, guild donations/buffs are secondar ...

Good to know about the upgrades. I wasn't quite sure how that one worked.