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[Guides] Gem Buying Guide(s)

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This is a small summary of information for players looking to advance their game buy purchasing gems.

First off gem purchases for quest rewards are cumulative and bonus gems count. Just buy 20/50/ or 100 $ packs at a time during +15% or greater periods.
300 gems for a free Angel
600 gems for a free mid sacrifice
3,000 gems for a free Pain-Da
15,000 gems for a free high sacrifice
50,000 gems for a free Spirit Mage(SM) *the only way to get one

In addition to the free hero you get multiple Honor Badge rewards and can get 30 free Shards per day if you spread the purchases out. If you want the SM I would recommend buying gems at $100, $100, $50, & $20 over the course of 4 (+15%) days. This will maximize your gifts for money spent.

*Oh and just a hint the SM's attack across the arena board into a team with a druid just triggers the opposing sides talents faster. The SM damage just fills their energy bars and doesn't kill them since they are being healed.

Now that we have covered the SM purchase; Let's discuss advancement in this game. You want to keep your might as low as possible while not hindering your advancement. Honor badges for leveling your heroes will constantly be an issue. I recommend you buy the 1k HB per day if you can afford it. Don't purchase to many builders. If you have 5-6 builders upgrading your buildings, all the time, your Might will exceed your heroes capabilities and you will be challenging players impossible to beat during P2P battles. Next, just getting your legendary heroes isn't enough. The hero talent and that talent's level is also extremely important. Having the Pumpkin Duke(PD) for arena does no good if it's Celebrate skill is not triggered. PD NEEDS Revitalize 2 or greater to guarantee triggering. Otherwise, PD in arena is nothing special. So don't get too excited about just getting your legendary, you also need to get the right talent for it.

There is far more to cover about buying gems to remain in the top 100 in Castle Clash, but the simplest fact is unless you are willing to spend over a grand, you will need to be very lucky and spend  hours earning free gems to excel.

The only hero that I think is required to play this game, enjoyably, is the Druid. Without a Druid your heroes die to often to have fun once the newness of CC wears off. I'd also suggest your Druids talent be Berserk 3 or higher, just for general versatility.

Summary, once you get a good Druid try not to spend more then 50 gems for honor each day. Buy gems in $20 or higher packs to maximize worth. Spending more money then that will just lead to disappointment.

**This game is basically gambling for kids, especially if you have an addictive personality. USE CAUTION WHEN BUYING GEMS. BE RESPONSIBLE. Your parents, wife, or significant whomever will be pissed if they see a huge credit card bill for an online game. Many stories of 7 year olds charging over $3k in a month for pay-in-game purchases have risen lately.**

P.S. Please, add any useful tips/guides you have here for others to learn from your experiences.

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You mentioned it, but I would like to stress that it is nice to pay 1.99 for 230 gems or whatever it is to reach the minimum for 30 shards a day.  This is a route I took since I have all the legendaries I care to have minus sm.  This also allows me to watch my budget, $14 a week if i do daily.  

I found going for the 15% discount ends up in me doing mass roll nights on talents and gems gone in literally minutes.

Doing 1.99 for 30 gems allows me to watch budget and save up for big roll nights.  This game already requires a lot of patience so might as well wait a little longer for roll nights eh?

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good info

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First words of caution I've seen on these forums!  Refreshing, thanks.

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I want gem 30'00

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This is one of the worst gem guides ever and its 'advice' should not be followed.

Buy gems in bulk during +15% or more AND during a LHC or Talent Refresh Card giveaway.

At $1.99 you're getting 115 gems per dollar, and there's never a bonus at that level.
at $49.99 you're getting 156 gems per dollar, and often with a bonus. at 15% it's 179.5 gems/dollar.

Over the course of 25 gem buys @ $1.99, you'll have 5750 gems compared to 8970 from the bulk buy. That's a 3200 gem difference - the price of a $20 pack! And all you'll have gotten from it is 750 shards, which is less than a single TB of shards. Additionally, if you buy during a talent refresh bonus (the best time to buy), you get 8970 gems + 2400 gems in talent rerolls - that's almost another $20 pack of gems.

Never. Buy. Small. Packs.

If you want a 'roll night' then put $2 in an envelope until you have $50, then buy $50 worth of gems. But it's smarter to roll only when there's an event for spending 2k gems.

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This is actually a very well thought out guide than I expected it to be, thanks!