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[Guides] HBM guide - Fully detailed

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HBM guide

1. Introduction

What is HBM?

HBM stands for here be monsters. Its the blue portal at the top left of your screen.
From there, you can select a wave difficulty you have unlocked. Then, you can start it.
What will happen is that you will meet 5 waves with increasing difficulty. Each of the
waves will contain 5 heroes and a number of troops and they will try to break your base.
The last of the five waves will contain the boss, which looks like a dino, and is
really powerful.

Beating each of those five waves will offer you a reward. The rewards exist of
mana, gold and experience points, and each time the reward will be given, there will
also be applied a random multiplier, being 1x, 1.5x or 2x. Beating the last wave
will also grant an extra rewards, namely shards. Rewards will increase the more difficult
the wave is, and Experience gained will be divided equally among all heroes on bases AND
in the towers.

2. How to build a base that is good for here be monsters?

You can build your own base of course, but you can also copy someones else his base.
I prefer building a base myself, as two of the most common HBM bases around at the
moment are designed by me, but most copy and adjust the basic HBM bases.

2.1 What to look for when designing a base on your own?

Well, a base must be designed to defend you against 5 waves, so instead of
dealing with common raiders, your defensive endurance will be tested, instead of
the protection of your gold. This makes designing a base good against raids and
HBM at the same time quite difficult. So I'd recommend you when building a HBM to
not try to protect your gold.

An HBM base must be following 4 basic rules:

1. Your defensive aggro must be focused

This is because, if aggro isn't focused, waves can pick your defense apart
by pieces, because just 1 tower and 1 hero won't stop a wave.
Standing together is standing strong.

2. Exploit the strenght of your defensive powers

This means, that if your heroes are stronger than your towers,
focus on a hero centric base, if your towers are stronger, focus on a tower
centric base. A hybrid can Exist too.

3. Make sure that your heroes won't be targeted too fast

Even if you have a tower centric defense, don't let your heroes die too fast.
They don't have much health, at least much less than your towers (if not that
is something different, but that means you have a hero centric defense and
you want them to survive anyways). So build your defense so your heroes will be targeted
as last, or as almost last.

4. Slow down the waves as much as possible

This can be accomplished by using 2 different strategies:
1. Put walls in front of everything you want to defend. This is better in a
tower centric defense, because when a monster attacks a wall but is attacked
by a hero, he will change his priority target to the hero.
2. Abuse the pathing AI to let them walk a distance that gives your defense the
time to kill of the waves.

why we want to slow the waves is to both split of the waves in anti-tower units and
normal units, and to give our defenses the time to fire on the monsters.

If you miss out on any of these rules, your base will probably not be the best in HBM

2.2 What to look for if I want to copy a base?

First of all, if you want to copy a base, take a look at these four bases around,
they are arguably the best bases around at the moment:

The corner setup (also known as busky design, which is a wrong name): ... ght=special%2Bsetup

This is the first itteration of a generation of HBM designs, and a lot still
stick to it. Mostly because its the most famous one around.

Diamond of doom: ... diamond%2Bof%2Bdoom

This base is a busky design in the center of the base, designed to be a bit less luck dependant,
but has a less high peak in what it can defeat. It is more consistent though, since it doesn't have
bad spawns. I have the least experience on this design though, and one may try it out, to see what it
really gives.

Death Clover:

This base is designed by me, its good against Here be monsters, offers a lot of flexibility in tweaking,
which others don't have, but most importantly, which was the reason I designed the base, it's really
easy adjustable to become anti-raid. It also is less luck dependant than the corner, even some less than the
diamond of doom, but its a bit more vurnerable to griffins. However it is the current top design since its
the only non-corner design that stands out in the top HBM leaderboard.

Caixa de morte (aka box design):

Uses only 2 entrances to the base, just like diamond of doom. Also abuses pathing like a beast, its
arguably the best base imaginable for town hall lvl 17 and higher, but also less effective, but still
possible to build on lower levels. It offers you to go really far with low level heroes, because it
abuses pathing the most as possible.

Second of all, when copying a base, start of with an EXACT copy of a base in that category already existing.
then, run HBM at least 2 or 3 times, see what happens, and from there you may tweak the base. When adjusting
your base, be on the lookout for the following things:

1. Keep the base of the design intact, unless you really want to push it and experiment a lot,
but finding a good adjustment becomes harder, the bigger the adjustment is.
2. Don't accidently expose your heroes, or something else that was being protected at first.
3. Think through what your adjustment does, and if that is what you want, before you run HBM

3. Which troops, heroes, and towers should I use?

3.1 Troops

I'm putting this first, because there is only 1 answer on this question: Guardians.
They slow down the monsters the most, because they have the best hp/space rate, except for
anti-tower units, but since most troops can be one-shot killed by heroes anyway, the bigger
number is important too.

Since your base will be designed to slow down the waves as much as possible, they are the best
choice. However, if you use them as a part of your aggro, you might want to use griffins,
but I strongly recommend not to, until Wave H and higer, which will bring Ornithopters which
might be the only reason you want griffins.

3.2 Towers

Arrow towers are the most common, and also the best choice possible. When you equip them
with a green garrison, you are able to gain the most coverage of your base, being able
to actually use the slow-down of the waves the best, but also taking out the heroes first,
which are most of the times the biggest threat. Arrow towers become even more useful when using

Cannon towers are good to, but you should limit them to 1 only, they are even useful for Wave
G, even though there are griffins, because they can take out centaurs and guardians, which are
two common reasons you can lose towers. For cannons each garrison each good, but the blue
excels in it, giving a lot of extra power, even to the extend of being able to take out
troops with only 1 shot.

Magic towers aren't preferrable unless you focus on your heroes an incredible amount. If so
you might want to equip the with blue garrisons at least, and even purple and green, to increase
the chance of stunning to a powerful extent. I wouldn't recommend using only 1 though when going
for this strategy, using more magic towers is better, because they are better in multiples, giving
way more stuns and being able to stunlock a wave.

3.3 Heroes

Deciding the heroes you want to use is not really easy. However, you always want
at least 1 area of effect hero, heroes like thunder god, serpent queen and engineer are the best
for this positions. They are incredibly good in taking out troops as quick as possible, which gives
the rest of your heroes more time to attack the incoming heroes, which are more dangerous.

Besides AoE heroes, you want an hero that keeps your team alive or enhances your team, that is druid.
I would recommend getting druid as fast as possible because he excels in every part of the game.
If you don't havedruid, you aren't able to farm as high as when you would've had him.
Pumpkin duke also belongs in this category, because when he procs, your heroes become
a lot more powerful, even to the extent of keeping your heroes alive because of the increase in
power and speed.

Third are DPS heroes. When using a hero centric defense, you want heroes that can do as much
damaga as possible in a short amount of time. This means ninja and reaper on legendary level and
assasin and executioner on elite. On ordinary all heroes are weak anyway. Champ is also a
good hero to fit this roll but actually belongs to another category.

Fourth, but not necessary, heroes that can tank, or slow the rest down. They are most
of the time only useful when your base doesn't use pathing but walls to slow the enemy
down. When you use pathing it isn't even the plan to let the monsters even touch a building
you are protecting, so dps heroes would fit a lot better. The best tank for this position is
atlancticore, since he can even save you when everything seems lost, and some non-tank heroes
that fit the roll are champ and executioner. They are good because they can stun the heroes, which
gives a lot of time, especially when they stun the dino.

Most important thing to mention, that heroes become stronger when leveling your hero bases. Since
each level will increase the stationed hero's attack and hp by 2%, you'll gain a significant boost from this.
A level 100 hero on a lvl 20 hero base for example will have the att and hp of a lvl 140 hero.

4. Farming

A lot of us use HBM to farm experience points or shards. Let's divide those in two categories:

4.1 Shard farming

When you want to farm shards, you need to invest shards. The most important shard investments
are 1800 for druid and 2200 for Thunder God. They have priority above getting your garrisons.
Then, you want to invest in green garrisons. 80 shards need to be invested for a lvl 1 green garrison:
30 shards for an angel (you can also roll a green hero with hb but is not recommended) and 50 for
buying slimes to lvl her skill to 2/9. From there you can level the angel to at least lvl 14 and
you will have a lvl 1 green garrison. Getting these for all your arrow towers will be
extremely important for farming higher waves. Then, getting a lvl 2 green garrison costs 250 shards extra.
you will need to level your angel to lvl 50 and the 250 shards go to slimes for lvling her skill to 3/9.

I would recommend stopping at green garrison lvl 2 though, because that is the biggest investment you
will gain back in a reasonable amount of time. lvl 3 green garrison will cost 2500 shards for each
tower, so that is a huge investment.

For shard farming I wouldn't recommend getting blue garrisons, and purple garrisons only when
you have more than 5 legends around. since you will probably use those legends anyway, you can lvl
their skill up without worrying about wasting shards.

4.2 Experience farming

For experience farming, you need to first decide how many heroes you want to level. From there you
need to determine, which wave you could farm with all your heroes you want to level on the bases, and
the rest in the garrisons, and then, you need to determine, if you could farm 1 wave higher, when you take
twice as much heroes as you want to level and divide them over the hero bases and towers. If you can
farm garrisoned, if you can't, farm without garrisons. This is because each wave difficulty offers
twice the experience the wave before that offers, but more shards and gold/mana output.

For experience farming, you want to level your towers and hero bases prior to leveling your garrisons, or getting
more garrisons, because farming without garrisons is often more beneficial than with garrisons.

5. Insight in my own HBM experience

I have two pictures two discuss:

1. Here I have my guardians, I have placed them at a place where two towers can fire at once
meaning that I fully exploit a bottleneck of my base
2. This is first line of pathing in my base. I have two arcs in my base, and the spacing between the arcs is made so that at the end of the arc, everything ranged will be wanting to walk inside and everything melee will walk towards the next arc. This way I can easily split the first wave in 2, and the second wave is likely to be still busy with the second arc. This is a part of the endurance of the base
3. This is the second line of pathing. When the arcs are gone, most waves will target a tower. However, to do so, they have to walk all the way inwards and then turn back around to take down the tower. This is abusing the pathing AI

4. This is the third line of pathing. When the waves come directly form the sides of the base, they will target one of my two  HP buildings, meaning that they won't target a tower. However, they will still walk all the way around, which again is abusing the pathing AI.
5. Last line of pathing, when they spawn right in front of the entrance. Normally this would be a bad event, but since the towers are equally spaced the wave is most likely to split up and attack two different towers. This makes even a bad spawn endurable.
6. My heroes are stationed all in the middle of 5 towers and 2 high hp buildings, meaning they a. Wont be targeted to quick, b. I have centered all my aggro and c. Im exploiting the strongest part of my defense, my heroes, because they always attack when the waves path in and they gain quite a lot of time for this.

I want to point out that everything I mention comes from my own experience, testing and knowledge, I might be a bit
biased on some points, so always try to come to your own conclusions by thinking about what you read. This is most important
of reading guides anyway. I hope this guide is educating enough, and I especially hope I will be helping even more people
than I did with my HBM designs. Btw. thanx to the hbm guide event that I made this, figured that I could as well immediatly place it here on recommendation of Gyuyoos

Made by Leary93

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Excellent read Leroy.

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what level town hall do you recommend a player has before attempting anything beyond wave B?

LB_1984 in-game. Back after 2+ years away!
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its much better if you can put at least minimum requirement each HBM dungeons. e.g. level of heroes, number and lvl of tower and lvl of bases. All in all i like youre guide and by the way im using youre death box and i can now farm D. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

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You put in a lot of work, thanks for that. Most detailed guide yet.

I think what would be helpful is the TH levels you need to build these designs. Also tower levels and hero levels. E.g. to do XXXX base setup you need min level 50 heroes and 130 walls with Tower level 4 so the mininum range can cover your base. something like that would be great.

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Good job Leary I'm proud of you

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nice guide:D

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Just amazing how you did this guid it help me alot with the towers .. and heroes . Beacuse i just didnt know when i lvl the magic to 2/9 i get more points at garison. The base defense just fenomenal/amazing/just a bad ass ;)

Good job !!!

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Thanks so much, this guide is excellent.  I have ~3000 might and have not been able to beat B.  I switched my defense to box of death and have now beaten B 4/4 tries.  

I have a question about the troop choice.  My army bases are level 1, so I can hire 20 guardians.  Even when wave B-2 spawns and heads straight for the base, these guardians do nothing.  They all die quickly and do next to no damage.  I switched to hunters on my last run and they seemed to do slightly better, though still got wiped quickly.  My guess is that either there is a minimum number of guardians needed to be effective and below this minimum the troop type doesn't much matter, or something about the nature of B vs. higher levels makes the guardians not as effective.  There are lots of ranged heroes in B like marksman and frost witch, so that might be different than higher levels.  Any thoughts you could share are appreciated.