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[Guides] Best HBM Bases - Video Analysis

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Posted on 2/14/14 2:47:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Hi everyone! My name is Phraxx, which is pronounced "Phraxx" I have been playing Castle Clash since August2013 and am finally appearing on YouTube to share what I have learnt!

I havemade a four part series where I look at some of the top HBM base designs, andtrial them out on wave G.

You can view my HBM Video Analysishere: ... M3YCQkj8cTr&index=1

HBM(Here Be the Monsters) is not only the most enjoyable mode in Castle Clash, itis also the best way to gain Exp and Shards.
Thereare many different ways to approach HBM and if you are anything like me, youwill want to know the best way to beat this game mode. With the right setup, you can see leaps in yourHBM progression.

I hopethis series is helpful and/or interesting for you. I plan to make many videosdaily, so if you subscribe you will be the first to know when new content isout!


Posted on 2/17/14 8:42:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Checkout me new base design working with TH 15 and G, less garrison, lower level towers and lower level fo heroes :D

I'm back ^.^
Posted on 2/17/14 11:21:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Haha, I also think of it as a central arena/'Colosseum.'

A couple of your base set ups (Diamond and the last one) didn't leave four spaces between your towers and the outside, which caused problems in both setups. You need those four spaces (either a double wall and two spaces, or a triple and one space) to stop archers and druid from shooting over.

Great series though.