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[Guides] How to Solo The Boss - Video Tutorial

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News Today!
HB Starvation is a very serious thing effecting over 95% of all Castle Clash players. Right now there is very little help for the starving players, in result many heroes across the world are level capped. However there is a man "Phraxx" that claims to offer a glimmer of hope to those most in need. Everyday a rebel boss can be slain, rewarding the challenger with 3000hb, though this is small it helps a lot.

Hi everyone, my name is Phraxx. I see hundreds of questions on these forums in regards to "Soloing the Tier 1 Boss"
So I have made an In-depth Video where I teach you everything there is to know about Soloing this boss!
For example did you know there is a damage cap on the boss at 35000 - not just for the Succubus?
This is just one of many things I discuss in my video.
Check the video out here: Castle Clash Boss Solo - Full Tutorial

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I hope this video was helpful!
Happy Clashing,

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Nice video

IGG Info:

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Helpfull, thanks man for tutorial

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Doesn't really help me as I have low lvl heroes, though nice vid :)