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[Off-Topic] I never seen it coming?!

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This game I can take anywhere, has quickly become an escape at my finger tips! And one of the funniest thing is, I'm sitting in the doctors office waiting room the other day and  I was FARMING hero shards, when a younger boy around 8 was sitting next to me and happened to see me "CASTLE GRINDING" as I like to call it, looks up to me and said, "You play CASTLE CLASH?" And his mother with a shocked look on her face, looks up at me and and smiles and says, "I am so sorry!" I looked at her and replied it's cool, I get it all the time. Then look down to the boy, and said do u want to see what I'm doing? And he smiles up at me and says"Maybe we can battle in the MESA or H.B.D as he proceeded to reach it to a backpack with a I.G.G logo tagged on to it with a marker, and a what looked to be a rendering of what seemed to be a Pumpkin Duke. Then as he proceeded to pull a tablet with a Castle Clash sticker on it, turns it on and smiles as he looks turns to his mother and tells her, do u think the doctor will mind waiting while me and my friend battle. His mother smiles and quickly looks a away and wipes her eyes, that struck me as odd, then the boy asked if I would wait if he went to use the rest room real quick. I of course said yes. When he left, I turned to his mother and asked it she was ok? She said ya, its just it makes her so happy to she her autistic son talk let alone carry on a conversation with someone. She continued to tell me that it is rare for him to be so opened and as she put it, Being a kid! When he returned, he showed me his base set ups for FARMING and gave me the most informative break down on , heroes usage, base defence set ups, H.B.M ups, pretty much everything else I never even thought of or looked at it. He broke it down so that even me a 37year old man who has never played a Strategy game like this, don't get me wrong, I Am A GAMER. But thats console gaming, u know, point shoot, slash hack save the world from invasion, and the Universe from destruction. Thats the kind of GAMER I am. Anywho as I digress, as an hour and a half  pasted me and the boy battle demons and bosses from the MESA and the knowledge I took away from that chance encounter in the doctors office waiting room and the new comrad I made was priceless, it's funny that everything to do with this game all started in the doctors office waiting room. See I discovered Castle Clash as I was in the waiting room, I thought this game was going to be just other one time usage, u know download play kill some time and then uninstall. But that was 6/ 7 months ago and this game just keeps on getting better, and leveling up everything from heroes to bases, buildings, raiding, lost realm, MESA's the fun never ends, so I just wanted to let all you who make CASTLE CLASH possible and all my fellow CASTLE GRINDER thanks for such an Epic Awesome Amazing gaming experience. I_AM_ZIM

Stupid HUMAN
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Hm amazing story. I'm amazed I actually read all that. Glad I did.

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rarely i bother reading a huge wall of text since they are for the most boring and ranty, this one was interesting and worthwhile :)

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That kid sounds strong what was his might?.

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Awesome bro.....

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Wow great story.I usually read 10 lines maximum and then stop.but I finished it and enjoyed.

HT sweeping coming in the next update 
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Why am I still banned?
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Wow, If this is true, That's pretty amazing.

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How hard is it?
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Wow, that's kinda cool.