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[Off-Topic] I never seen it coming?!

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Thanks for posting such a delightful story. My daughter is autistic and plays CC too. She is 18 now though and still lives in her own kind of little world but she is the most amazing person and gifted like you wouldn't believe.

My wife and I had many tough times with our daughter growing up but also many amazing times to. Autistic children are more than meets the eye and if you have ever spent time with one then you would know. My daughter is just under mid scale so she is still very functional not like some others who are over mid to high scale autism. I feel for those who are as its so hard to reach them and some parents who I have met over the years at Autism workshops and conventions, my heart goes out to them who have children with autism at that high scale level.

My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me, oh not to mention my other daughter lol, 14. She has no illnesses but can be more than a handful lol. She now wants to play CC to lol. Yes so I agree thanks IGG for creating a game that is not too complex but more so fun to play. Very addictive actually. Ok I best go sweep those Dungeons haha.

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