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[Off-Topic] collosus is baymax

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cmon click it:
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Haha as interesting as this is its no surprise. IGG already had us fill out a survey asking if we would like for them to integrate characters from anime and cartoons into this game and from the looks of it a lot of people wanted that too happen(Im personally hoping for them to add some characters from pokemon or tokyo ghoul at some point!)

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When i saw that hero i had same first thought that is similar to Baymax from Big Hero 6 movie. But on other hand who said it can't look similar? We have many heroes skins which look like taken from different game or movie. I'm waiting for Lara Croft skin for some heroine ;)

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OP, the general chats are solely for gaming conversations, not comparisons of heroes or memes.
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I assumed it was done on purpose. We all know Baymax is awesome.

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Lol, nice meme budd