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[Off-Topic] What part of Castle Clash do you like most?

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Hi y’all. I’m pretty new to the game so I want to ask some senior gamer a question: which do you like the most about Castle Clash?

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i've tested many strategic games , we have some interesting things in cc one of them is the events u can join those everyday and gives u some jobs to do , as pay to play and free to play ,and one more thing is earning gems. in the most of online games after a while and get high title and rank they don't give you more gems or diamonds but in cc we can earn gems from quest board and also some events but the main is quests, and it's free for all titles and ranks it's about luck and doing quests everyday seems it can be hard but that's the primary key of playing in cc, at least for us in windows server because there is not ads and tapjoy. hope u enjoy ur time on cc.

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If you had asked 8yrs ago I would have said that it was the perfect vehicle for anytime you had a few minutes downtime, as it took little time to go online and complete a task or two.  However since it has evolved way past being able to spend 5 or 10 minutes downtime, I would have to say that the comradery.  You can connect and make new live long friends all over the world while building your account and mastering the game.


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Best thing about CC is that it is a dead game

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It's sad you have to use the word truly in other to defend yourself lmao. dead game is easy game.

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and of course you know what's wrong in what you said

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This is not easy question. Some time ago i liked LR, GW, FF, even Narcia, rolling for heroes etc. As for now I'm mostly waiting for getting every new dragon, which is not easy for F2P player. But I'm not giving up and keep waiting. Also GW is still interesting for me, trying to find new ways how to defeat opponents.

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It's monthly addition of heroes.
The more the merrier.
I loved collecting heroes even semi-spender. (I always Devo all my heroes I got.)

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