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[Media] Hero Collector Day - Rolling for Storm Eater by TroubleMaker

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Posted on 5/1/18 2:20:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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I am not a big fan of rolling videos, but I suppose they have their place.   There is a moment of excitement when you see a purple swirl forming.  Who will it be, who will it be?   Maybe a useless shard hero, maybe a meh, maybe a dupe, maybe a OMG game changer.   And then a second later you see who it is and know the answer.

So, why is it that just about every rolling video cheats watchers out of what is probably their main reason for watching?    Take a look at roll around 4:45.   There is a purple swirl, no hero is shown and next roll is made.   Next roll also has a purple, and you can see hero then, but I watched that segment in slow mo and the previous purple is just not shown.

So, not to single out Mr TroubleMaker, but a message to anyone making rolling videos - stop doing that, guys.   People want to see legends, show them the legends.


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