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[Media] Please IGG Watch JT's video

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IGG is losing the plot lately and the game is not as fun as it used to be 4 years ago. JT discusses everything and I agree 100% ... I really hope IGG see's it :)
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Posted on 10/6/18 4:25:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nobody needs to waste 18 minutes of their time listening to JT ramble aimlessly.   Signal to noise ratio is too low.

I skimmed on the video and as far as I know (like I said, I skipped large parts), he had two themes:

a) imbalance of bazaar and game rewards.   Bazaar gives too much, game too little.   That is a serious major problem, and I agree with it hurting gameplay.   I am not sure I agree with JT conclusion that game rewards need to be bumped.   I think bazaar needs to be nerfed.   Bumping in-game rewards just floods the game with too many resources unless they add a major new resource sink (think factions and merits).

2) lack of clarity about some numbers and mechanics.   Yeah... but that is common complaint, and in most complex games, not just CC.   There are always game wonks who want to see exactly math behind game numbers and mechanics, but I don't think many (or even any) companies reveal those.

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Popcorn ready for when they release level 60 destiny, and fame rewards from game modes haven't been increased. But why would they increase what you get from just playing the game? Since onec can, at the moment and at times, buy 700k fame for $99. You'll probably be able to buy even more very soon. But who knows they may adjust some things but haven't yet and tons of players have been complaining for a long time. Not looking good prepare for more from bazaar, before free stuff even has a chance.

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I literally agree with every single point JT made. 

I've played for 4 years, and admittedly I haven't been the most active lost realm player, but a very active player nonetheless. Completing  a level 5 revite set took me 4 years. I can buy it for $5.00 now.

For $20 you can buy more red/blue crystals than you can save from LR in  2 years. 

You can climb to 300k might, smash 400k might players, put up crazy scores every gw, ensure that your guild takes first place every time in guild wars and fortress feud for a year..... or you can spend $20

That's stupid af...

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I think we all agree that Bazaars have taken the skill and grinding out of what should be part of the game and made it pointless to play the game.
Some of us are trying to get game modes revamped but in reality it is pointless as being pointed out by you guys due to the fact that you can log in once a day, sweep, do guild wars then buy what you need.
But that being said, IGG is a company that obviously wants to capitalize on everything possible, as ANY intelligent person would.
I know I dont work for free and wouldnt imagine anyone at IGG headquarters would want to be either

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Posted on 10/8/18 12:32:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The game rewards need to be increased for people who play the game.

It is not ok that one year of gameplay = 19.99

Whose going to play the game then?

Posted on 10/8/18 12:54:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

jt is paid igg tool lol. he says what igg wants him to say.