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[Media] #MakeCCGreatAgain

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It's a good video I agree with a lot off what he says
I like his idea off rewards being one update behind the bazaar and coins in bazaar instead off the packs seems an interesting idea I often don't buy something I need in a pack as I dont need the rest off it.

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1st: This is considered "MEDIA" and not a suggestion:

Next while I absolutely adore JudiciousFire the one thing that I would say is that communication works both ways.  IGG does post feedback threads, in fact "[Chat (Android)] Game Mode Feedback" is posted here and on WeGamers and it might very well be that this is a response to that thread but not one member has commented in the thread.  Given all the complaints and wish lists you would think that when the opportunity is presented members would jump on it.:angel:


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