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[Guild] Looking for a Guild?

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In an effort to assist our members with their guild searches, we have created a template that will provide the pertinent information required by the Guild Leaders considering applicants for membership.  Simply post your information below in the format provide.

Candidate Submission Form

Forum Name:#1 Clasher                                                             
Time Zone:CST
Special Preferences:Max Tb, Mesa 4, Boss & No donation requirements


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Posted on 6/16/15 11:23:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Forum name: <- aVxzorkye obviously

Platform: Android

IG : SKruhanovichs

Might: 19 481

Time Zone: EEST (Eastern European Summer Time) UTC/GMT +3 hours

Special Preferenes : Since i cant participate in Torch Battles, i dont think i can ask for some special preferences, anyway im looking for a guild which could accept me, by setting me some penalty regarding not visiting Torch battles (like half donation or something)

About me: Im mature good guy, 23 years old, would like to play the game with people older then 18+ years. Not that much experience in Castle Clash (in 8 day's im getting Achievement by logging 90 days in the game) tho, constantly browsing forum/Wiki page of CC. Have been playing Lineage 2 more then 5 years in total, currently sometime's im playing League of Legends, Hearthstone (mostly making daily quest) and ofcourse Castle Clash.

Will add a bit more information about my in game status.

Pumpkin Duke 139 lvl  7/9 skill 80i
Aries 133 lvl 6/9 80i
Thunder God 130 lvl 5/9 80i
Druid 134 lvl 5/9 80i
Siren 120 lvl 3/9 60i
Champion 112 lvl 60i
Atlanticore 105 lvl 60i
Frost Witch 100 lvl 4/9 40i
I have enough books to get characters to 140+ but now im currently on almost 0 HB, so i dont see a point to throw books in to the hero's right now.

Daily farming 40 shard dungeons, Mesa 2 with Random people, Quests, Raiding people to buy "goodies" from LR Merchant. Im online a lot, only problem is my GMT +3 time.

Contact: here, reply on forum. or Line - SKruhanovichs, same as in game nickname.

Cheers, thanks for reading, and sorry for bad Englando

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This thread has been banned.

Me me me all me
Posted on 6/16/15 4:59:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Since there's more Guilds posting that they are on the lookout for members than members posting looking for Guilds, how about the Moderators deleting those that has nothing to do with the intent of the Thread in the beginning, and hopefully that will sort it out :O

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    • Forum name: NickName123123123

      Platform: Android

      IGN: please reply here

      Might: 66k

      Time zone: Eastern US

      Special preferences:
      • max TB
      • max riches flag
      • Boss 3 about 21:00 ST
      • Mesa 4
      • WG 2
      • no shard donations over quests

      • All regular legendary
      • PD
      • Cupid
      • Aries
      • Santa
      • Ork
      • Pretty much everyone is 9 star, at least 7/9 and 85 inscription.