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[Guild] Guild Posting Rules

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Posted on 9/16/18 10:55:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild:  This forum sub-section is dedicated to Guild Recruitment & Seeking/Looking for a Guild.  


* Do NOT disrespect any guild's recruitment threads.  If not interested in joining DO NOT post in them.

* All threads must include the Guild Name & Platform in the title.

* All or excessive (unnecessary) CAPS or or non-Alphanumeric characters) is NOT allowed in titles ( in any section).

* Each guild is allowed only (1) Active Recruitment thread at any given time.

* Each guild is allowed only (1) temporary Merger thread.  
  *These threads can be bumped for a period of no more than 60 days and a new thread can NOT be posted for 6 months afterwards.*

*All Recruitment threads can be bumped no more than once every 3hrs.

  • This section is solely for seeking a guild or recruiting new members, do not share negative experiences or opinions in any guild's recruitment thread - Respect!
  • Whether you are posting a recruitment, merger or looking for/seeking a guild thread platform must be included in titile.  This simple step prevents members from spending time on threads that do not apply to them.
  • Usage of "CAPS" and/or non-Alphanumerica characters is used to draw attention to a thread and should be limited to the guild name if presented as such in game.
  • In fairness to all guilds and the general forum members, we must limit the number of threads and how often they can be bumped.

~ Recruitment threads should:
* Clearly outline guild requirements, i.e. might, donations, activity level, communication methods.
* List features and time, i.e. Boss, Lava, IS, FF
* Provide contact information, i.e. name, title, contact ID and methods
* Provide insight to environment, i.e, friendly/ laid back/ highly competitive/ retirement or age appropriate.

~Seeking a guild threads should:
* Clearly express what you are looking for in a guild home
  Features: Boss/Lava/IS/FF/GW and any time requirements
  Environment: Friendly/Competitive/Laid back/Knowledgeable


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