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Posted on 10/26/14 2:38:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Last night Ι couldn't sleep, being hyper-stimulated after all the studying, so i ended up watching CC videos on youtube.

I found this video: ... zcEen3k2XfNi0xJz_nQ
Its the summary of all the hacking that is being done in the android servers.

Basicaly, a team of hackers has been terorising the android server, by hackiing many high might accounts and consuming all their heroes, also selling 3rd party software to players and many more.

I realy enjoy playing in the fb platform, where most of us are f2p and just having fun, so i would hate to see hacking of this magnitude happen here. I have seen many people hack in raids, but nothing too serious like this..

Let us be vigilant and keep an eye out for it!

Posted on 10/26/14 11:21:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

daammm,,, that hacking and consuming other player heroes really scary,,,, :L :L

Posted on 10/26/14 2:41:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Actually most of those " top players" hacked each other or themselves for the free compensation gems and other malicious hoopla that I will not address. Either way we no longer have issues with people gaining access to someone elses account without being given their account information.

Please do continue to report hackers through the support systems of "send a ticket" and "live support" but any hack related threads posted here will be closed.

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