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[Chat (FB)] Gem Transfer Event (Only for FB version)

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Posted on 6/4/15 3:25:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Clashers,

We want to make sure that you all experience the latest and greatest Castle Clash features and surprises whenever possible. To make things easier, we’re offering a Gem transfer for our Clashers on Facebook.

1.This service is offered only to players of the Facebook version of Castle Clash. Both the Armor Games and High Definition versions of Castle Clash are also considered as the Facebook version.
2. Only purchased Gems can be transferred. This does not include bonus Gems.
3. Transferred Gems will not be counted in the Achievement and will not grant purchase related rewards.
4. Your Facebook Castle Clash account will be suspended after the transfer is complete. You will see the following when trying to sign in to the game on a suspended account: "Something went wrong with your account. Please contact Live Support for more help."
5. You can only transfer the gems to the CC EN servers (Android-EN, iOS-en and Amazon-EN).

Click the "Events" button in the game, to check and join the event.

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