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[Chat (FB)] I Am Done Hiring Heroes With Gems

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Posted on 7/20/20 5:05:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The chances of rolling a new hero is tiny. The chances of rolling three? Near impossible. Sadly this is a necessity to double evolve epic heroes. Furthermore, you need even more to have a serious stat advantage over normal legendary heroes. So I ask why should a late game f2p player who has almost all other hireable heroes, waste their precious gems? Lastly, I think it is fair to assume IGG will provide a free way for players to get epic heroes because you need so manyusps tracking showbox speed test

Posted on 7/20/20 7:10:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I was suggesting some time ago we need to change hiring method. I said there could be instead option to hire heroes from one of 3 selected warden zones, except Epic ofc. Epic could be dropped from all 3 zones. Current chances of getting new heroes are to tiny and heroes pool is bigger and bigger. I'm not even hiring new heroes now, only using gems for traits of those I'm using.

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Posted on 7/20/20 7:35:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Epic heroes are available from playing Mastermind Dungeons & Epic Battle, you can also obtain Soulstones from Lava Isles.  I would hazard to guess that there will be more methods to obtain these heroes in the very near future, such as Line of Defense.

As for rolling, where the chances have always been random and with each update the chances of obtaining a specific hero decreases solely from more heroes diluting the pool, but it is an individual choice as to whether or not you want to take the chance.


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