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[Chat (WP)] Sneak Peek: Who's The Grinch?

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Posted on 12/23/14 4:30:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Introduction:  Who's the Grinch?                                                                           

Christmas brings joyous songs, heart-warming gestures, thoughtful presents, delicious hot chocolate in front of stoked fireplaces, and sincere family time. But not everything Christmas brings is pleasant. No, far from it! There is one stigma to Christmas that sends shock down one's spine at the mere though of its name: The Grinch!

Fortunately, the Grinch is a fictional character... However, this year, something horrendous has happened. All the presents in Castle Clash have been stolen! One hero has secretly taken the role of the Grinch and stole Christmas from the rest of the heroes. It is your job to find the perpetrator by polishing off your sleuth skills in this year\'s \"Whodunit\" Christmas Event.

Find the Heroes within the Forums for questioning. You need to cross-examine each story to find the flaws in order to determine who committed this atrocious act.  You should know that the Heroes are all on the move and can be found within the 1st 2 pages of any thread under any tab on any CC platform.  Good Luck & Happy Hunting.


* You must use the Hide Code & Format Provided to submit entries
* You must locate each of the heroes listed & provide the link
* You must answer the question " Who's The Grinch? "

Duration:  December 24 00:00 in-game time - December 30 23:59 in-game time.



How To Participate:  
1. Copy or Retype the hide code & paste in reply box.
2. Paste your Gaming info, links & answer where indicated
3. Check entry to make sure all information is included
4. Click reply.....Done

Entry Format:                                           
In Game / Character Name:
IGG ID# Here:
Server ( Android, IOS, Facebook, etc ):
Marksman: Located
Marauder: Located
Thunder God: Located
Cyclops: Located
Ninja: Located
Snowzilla: Located
Serpent Queen: Located
Who's The Grinch?
Hero Selection:
1. Limit one post / submission per Account / IP Address.  
2. You cannot edit your post. Maximum of 3 posts per player.
3. Heroes may be found on 1st or 2nd page of any tab on any CC platform.
4. No questions, conversation or comments in thread or you will be disqualified.
5. Any Missing or Incorrect Account Information will result in forfeiture of prize.
IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

1st-3rd Place.... Any hero of choice except Moltanica, Santa, Spirit Mage, and Minotaur. ( 1st 3 correct responses )
4th-10th............ 2000 gems
11th-50th.......... 1000 gems
remaining......... 500 gems

*Please note that Hero Selection will be based on first correct responses*


Thread will open @ 00:00 game time:


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