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[Chat (WP)] This the outside world I good got coach

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Posted on 2/18/15 4:37:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This the outside world I good got coach his I called elder care as usual as a row business they have a row but I'll bring it out under protest sure well thanks for coming out here today's oh you're welcome I'll think oh my salsa yeah well so now our how long the body build apiece arm Cat ford in my building for RevTest that eight years on what you decide to start doing it we just a scrawny little woman before ores about 100 pounds Irene I'm about off season 140 on season when you're apron condos for the way right now I'm of off season kind of right now so thatch whatever the future brings up to want to be like good female Schwarzenegger doing movies are I am actually what I'm doing now is the Olympian stuff and I reach my goal that's like the main contest Olympia and an Olympian eight weeks sure I A King Runner blaster actually want to take the title go for the gold sure but arm I see myself I work with kids you know children big sister program and stuff like that then no I want to move out to the country.

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