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[Bug] Zephyrica damage

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Posted on 1/30/21 4:47:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have tested many different insignias and i think both damage buff and debuff does not work on Zephyrica . Just the base damage make the difference . Can someone confirm it ? I used google translate so hope you can understand what i mean

Posted on 1/30/21 7:47:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If You think something is not working correctly fastest way to check is to contact Live Support and explain it to them. This way it can be quickly done, but usually You need some proof of that, which is either pictures of video showing that problem.

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Posted on 1/31/21 3:16:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Are you referring to his proc or his normal/whirlwind attack?  The Dmg buffs increase from UP, WA, WG, etc won't have any affect on his proc, just his normal/whirlwind attack.

Posted on 1/31/21 7:03:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I dont know if this answers your question or not but no dmg insignia or talent affects the part of his proc that does true dmg(whirlwind). Only talents that increase his crit and crit dmg will affect the dmg his whirlwind does(sharpen, tyranny, brute force) you can see this simply by noticing that no hero that increase of friendly heros attack(walla, occult etc) increases the base dmg that his whirlwind does(for example if his whirlwind on a non crit hit is a base of 28,000 and zeph is buffed by walla walla his base whirlwind will still be 28,000,the same thing will occur with any dmg boosting talent). When he is given something that increases his crit or crit dmg he will deal 1.5x the dmg or more on a critical hit depending on how much crit dmg he has(for each 10k crit dmg he has a extra 1x is added to the critical hits normal 1.5x dmg multiplier).

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Posted on 2/6/21 8:15:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Still zephy is worthy even infront of dyna and cold heir (thats not mean other heros are useless) i mentioned these 2 one cause with best build these 2 can kill anyone
So u need to find the best one fir zephy u need to understand hero skill first i recommended to read the lvl15 skill of the hero
After that build ur hero
Mostly u need to be careful talent insigma enchantment mostly traits( carefull with traits u needs to understand hero build)
And lastlymost important one are pets and pets traits