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[Sneak Peek] new update CC (sneak peek)

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New game - "Tower Defense"

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Google Translation:
Castle Clash: Path of the Brave // Battle of Castles

today at 6:07 pm
Castle owners! 

Preparations for the New Year are in full swing, and today we want to open the veil of secrecy over the December update , which will bring with it many new products!

One of the innovations will be the Tower Defense mode, with screenshots of the interface of which can be found in the pictures below. 

And you can’t wait to play it. What do you expect from the new mode 

? Like it if you want to know more update details! 

And in our Instagram: , you can familiarize yourself with the comic that is dedicated to the new regime.


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I wonder why it is called Tower defense.

Wish it had more to do with base defense. :/

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One should never abolish something new.
Hurray hurray. Only gw doomballon dove will be more difficult.

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I was waiting when IGG will add mode like that, and many times i said we could have Tower Defense mode. I'm just curious how it will look like......
Anyway it seems interesting addition, just hope there will be x2 and x4 buttons, cause waiting is poor..

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