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[Sneak Peek] December update

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Posted on 12/18/19 1:16:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. New Hero:Spirit of the
FrostNightSkill Name: Blizzard Ice Fall
Skill Description: Summon xFrostZones randomly throughout the field, causing x% general attack on all enemy units in theFrostZone within x seconds Damages and freezes for x seconds, at the same time making it impossible to obtain any healing effect for x seconds. During the existence of the ice area, the cold night spirit increases the dodge rate by x%. (Cooldown x seconds, heroes are immune to freezing, petrification, entanglement, silence, energy reduction effects, and catastrophic conditions, and all hero damage ignores hidden status)

New Hero:DominatedbyIce Crystal(available from hero defense activities or gem extraction )
Skill Name: Ice Energy Vortex
Skill Description: Provides x allied heroes with the lowest health to reduce damage by x% for a duration of x seconds, dispels its silence effect, and releases it a specific skill x times. This skill Deals x% of the hero's basic attack damage to nearby enemy units every second, and causes the target to take an additional x% of damage for x seconds. (Each time this skill is attacked, the damage is increased by x%). (X seconds cooldown heroes have x% chance of making random enemy heroes and around enemy heroes in x seconds by x% additional damage; hero normal attack will trigger separatist skills simultaneously attack multiple targets.)

2 New Talent:Devoted Faith
Skill Description: When attacking, it will cause x normal attacks x% of real damage to the current target (Cooldown x seconds). When attacked, all damage taken is converted to health for x seconds. (Cooldown x seconds)

3. Super pet:
Super Pet Name: Frost Ice Dragon & Mutant Frost Ice Dragon
Skill Name: Cold Tide Surge
Skill Description: Deals x% of pet's basic attack damage to enemy flying units every x seconds, and freezes it for x seconds. While the Frost Ice Dragon is in existence, it bounces nearby allied heroes by x% of the damage taken every second.

4. Hero Skin (Spirit of Cold Night-Spirit of Fire, Domination of Ice Crystal-Lich of the Lich)

5. Added: Hero Defense Activity

6. Added: Tuned Talents Function

1. Lost Illusion Optimization
2. Team Attack & Team defensive elite level change background
3. Some tasks in top competitions, add available gems to complete
4. Optimize the peak level upgrade method
5. Hero trial reward adjustment (improve the level 9 talent stone drop probability and reward)
6. Annihilation Reward adjustment
7. Adjust the top competition text prompts
8. Increase the upper limit of hero slot of hero altar by 2. (Up to 114)

Posted on 12/18/19 4:45:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for post, although it would be good to give link to source.

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