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[Sneak Peek] Tawain August 2021 update sneak peak

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Posted on 8/10/21 3:55:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only
Some of the game resources in this update will be loaded after logging into the game, please do not hesitate to contact customer service for assistance if you have any questions.

1. New Hero: Pioneer
Skill Name: Battle Wish
Skill Description: The hero releases skills that deal x% damage to all surrounding enemy targets, and each enemy hero affected by this damage provides a level of combat desire that lasts for x seconds, according to which the pioneers increase their attack by x% and speed attacks (overlay) and ignore the upper damage limit. (Chill time x seconds) (hero immune effect and silence effect, reduce x% damage dealt; when attacking, additional x enemy targets will be dealt x% damage, and restore this damage as a percentage of health, chill time x seconds)
2. New hero: Draw a maniac
How to get: Heroic Training
Skill name: Spell
Skill Description: The hero releases skills by drawing an x-second spell array targeting any x-known enemy block, reducing the therapeutic effect and attack power on the enemy target by x% within the array and hitting him x% every x seconds. (Cooling time x seconds) (hero immune silence effect, reduce x% damage; when attacking, draw x self-generating copies that exist in x seconds to fight together, cooling x seconds, the replica was attacked to death, for all its heroes, to restore max life for x% health and x-point energy)
3. New Soul Skills: Trapped
A full fight increases its critical strike chance for x% x seconds every x seconds, during which all damage ignores the return damage effect.
4. New crystal skills: Spirit
Increase the upper limit of life x% and therapeutic effect x% and are immune to fatal injuries.
5. The source can add to the fashion of Tyrannosaurus: Tyrannosaurus Armor
Skill Adjustment: After using this mod, the prerequisite for limited trauma and healing health in a hero's skill changes from [if health is below 50% "to [when health is below 90%].
6. Added hardware system
New building: Equipping the core
The hero can wear equipment that gives the hero more attribute bonuses
Equipment can be obtained through blacksmithing quests, and players can send qualified heroes to complete equipment missions in order to receive equipment rewards over a period of time.
7. Added the function of preparing heroes
Functional input: training ground
Description: On the training ground, a low quality hero can be used to train as a high quality hero, consuming a certain amount of time and appropriate props.
8. Mystery Store adds daily free package
9. Added heroic fashion (pioneers - ghosts of eternal winter, maniacs - fairies in the picture)
1. Adjust some functional rewards (improvement of lost missions, reward missions, copies, partner battles and other functional rewards)
2. Adjust the way you receive the reward for the time-limited gameplay (alliance battle, point-point battle, battle of lights, playing the big map, attack to destroy, mystery, guardian's challenge, top competition, lost battlefield, clash of kings, the above functions automatically issued by email after the event)
3. Adjust the master copy and the way of rewarding the hero of the defense line: fixed rewards are adjusted to random rewards
4. Adjust the performance of the building when it can be completed quickly (new acceleration bubbles to quickly complete building acceleration)
5. Reduce the upgrade time of the first order soldiers (guards, hunters, flamers, demons)
6. Heroic altar hero slot upper limit increased by 2 (upper limit 153)
7. Increase the maximum number of props cells by 10 (upper limit 510)
BUG fix:
1. Fixed a bug due to which the base at the stage of the battle for the Holy Fire showed that the hero was added incorrectly
2. Fixed a bug when registering a countdown for seven days
3. Correction of talent: Hongyue newborn text describes the error problem

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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I've found most of the new content... Just can't use it lol

Posted on 8/10/21 11:04:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Oh goodie.....update time:ermm:

Thanks for the share hun:heart:


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Posted on 8/10/21 7:22:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

No.5 is new skin (premium?) for dynamica that adjust his passive skill to trigger on 90% instead of 50% hp.

No.6 is new hardware/equipment that looks like another p2w feature to add more hp/atk on hero.

Posted on 8/10/21 10:28:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Instead of adding new useless heroes, fix the Connection Failed and match FAILURES (winning matches) issues please.

Posted on 8/11/21 6:00:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So many things, I'm not even checking heroes. I wine how it will affect game balance...
Anyway thanks for info.

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