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[Suggestion] New guild event: Magic Guild Wars

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Posted on 7/30/17 4:32:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I propose a new Guild Event that is similar to Guild Wars but allows the use of magic and some other different rules. The rules are...

1. Allow full use of your Magic from your Relic Hall.

2. Restrict the amount of tries on any specific base. 3 strikes, you're out kinda rule. If you don't 100% a base then it's considered a fail. The first 2 attempts against a base would be without consequence, but fail the 3rd time and it counts. This adds new strategy and makes the overall effort reasonable. With Guild Wars being open-ended, it can take hours to complete sometimes. In general, this Event would be rather short by comparison. This would also make shields relevant, as people could go the extra length of searching for opponents in the rankings and practicing raids on them but not if they have a shield.

3. Scoring is based off exact % that you get, not flames. Fail at 8%? You get 8% of the points. This would be capped at 70%, if you don't get 100%. Ex: you get 98%, you get 70% of the points.

4. Similar to Guild Wars, heroes that die on the first 2 attempts would not need to be revived. However, any heroes lost in a 3rd attempt or any 100% victory would need to be revived.

5. You can attack 10 different bases but after 5, each entry will cost Guild credits. This is just to make Guild credits relevant, many players have thousands and thousands of meaningless credits. Another option would be to give some kind of boost or advantage at the cost of credits.

6. Add weekly bonuses to select heroes. Bonuses could be +10% ATK for Melee Heroes, +10% Dodge for Flying Heroes, etc. This adds variety, rarely having the same Event twice. These could be strictly for defensive heroes to help balance the difficulty.

7. Include more Guilds in the Event, possibly as many as 10 Guilds.

8. Have wider brackets based off Guild's might ranking. Nothing drastic but it would be cool if say, a Guild ranked #100 could win a few events in a row and face a top 10 Guild who lost a few in a row.

9. Possibly have an added Defense Bonus for defensive Heroes to offset the advantage of using Magic.

10. The event is once a week on Saturdays. Having the ability to finish quickly, it would be easy to fit in on the weekend.

11. The scoring would rely more heavily on a player's might. Higher might players would score better than the differences found in Guild Wars. Ex: 250k might player would have a ~20% higher possible score than a 150k might player, with the same opponents. In Guild Wars the difference would be ~10%.

12. Rewards: Some combination of shards and/or fame would make the Event relevant. Another option would be to create a new chest with good chances of getting premium items.

13. Include videos and battle reports, just like regular raiding. It doesn't have to be every battle. You could just have a list of the 10 latest battles.

* Side notes: 

- Add a 4th saved base to the edit base mode to accommodate new base designs for the event.
- Change Magic to cost mana, for both buying spells and upgrades. (Using gold has never made sense to me)
- Add new Magic. 
1) Magic that would make elusive Heroes visible.
2) Magic that would revive all heroes.

Posted on 7/30/17 4:49:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting but IGG would probably edit it like they did with Showdown to get people spending a ton of gems for extra entries and whatnot. Cool idea though :)

Posted on 7/30/17 6:18:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If it rewards fame... I'm down

"Not Sure"?
Posted on 7/30/17 9:38:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

very cool, but seems easy. Just get pd going with like vlad and area dealing heros and BAM, 100%

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Posted on 7/30/17 9:42:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So raiding...with bonuses....too easy

Posted on 7/30/17 10:04:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You're right, it does sound easy. Ideally, there would be enough defensive bonuses that it would become more difficult and riskier than regular raiding. The goal would be to require near maxed out heroes to take down a top base.

Posted on 8/3/17 12:17:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thats just super easy like you tell the rules.
What help to boost heros if you can freez all and use mino after pd stacks without any problems?
I would say it's already easy enough without spells.