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[Suggestion] Suggestions for Castle Clash developers.

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Posted on 8/1/17 9:56:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The game is very good but there are some points that need to be focused.

1 - There should be a private profile of the players which describe their wins against other players, last HBM challenge and Hero Trial cleared, total no. of flames, Guild Name and highest GW score etc. And they should also be able to add their personal details and picture and link their account with facebook or twitter so that they can find their friends.

2 - The change of username should be free of cost or you can put a limit on changing username 3 times for free.

3 - There should be a search option to find players by their username so that we can send them friend request and can battle with them and chat with them.

4 - There should be a option of linking your account with other mail account and deleting the previous one.

If anyone have other suggestions then they can put it in a reply

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1) No thanks, don't want my colleagues and wife knowing i'm an absolute gimp that spends large parts of my salary on mythical heroes every month :p

2) Why would they do that when they can charge you for picking a stupid one in the first place?

3) Agreed, would be really useful 

4) This is possible if you contact support afaik (and as long as you give them a convincing reason to do it)

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my suggetions- add a few more slots in the artifacts especially for lightning rock and eye of garuda. i wanna watch the replays of my LB and showdown matches like in arena. items needed for augmentation can also be bought in the merit shop at random times

Posted on 8/1/17 1:18:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a few suggestions. #1, have prime hero cards 2 and 3, two would have heroes like ghoulem, dd, hb, Michael lil Nick, sk, etc. Three would have all of the really good heroes including gunslinger, ronin, rockno, Anubis, mechtessa, and demogorgon.
#2 You should have a really rare crest similar to revitalize except each time the hero procs that the hero starts gaining their ability with a certain amount of energy at the start. For example, druid procs and it's energy normally goes to zero. But instead it's energy only goes to 50 percent after each proc.
#3 I think that it's really hard to get the highest level tomes, highest slime essence, and legendary hero cards, so I think you should put them in lava isle and infernal summit if you haven't already. Also, I think that you should be able to get level 7 and 8 talent chests in game but maybe from infernal summit 4, and/or from the warehouse for tons of Fame. -HexOn