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[Suggestion] Balance suggestion

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Hi, i know that the game state is actually really bad an the developers doesn't focus on what they need (everyone knows that)
But I know that igg is too greedy and this won't make them money
So, this is my balance suggestion:
GS: reduced the onrithopters she appear to 2
Energy per second would change to energy per hit 
Ornithopter damage is reduced and inherit scatter is removed

•Reduced the quantity of units he can hit to 50
•While transformed: now he doesn't reduce damage and change the immunity to silence, he can now be silenced but the effects only last half of the time
•The % of HP he deals as damage to enemies is now 5% (0.5% increase each level)

•Inmunity to stun is now removed
•inherit crit damage reduced to 1000
•On proc: time of each projectile is changed to 0.5s
•only heals 10% of the damage dealt to enemies

•elusiveness/invisibility is now reduced to 3s each 6s, AoE abilities affect him, but can't be targeted

Lil Nick:
•On proc: max crit chance is reduced to 60% and damage is reduced to 300%
•frostbite changes: added 2s of cooldown

•Reduced the damage reflected to 50%
-Archangel: reduced the crit chance and damage of archangel

Trixie treat:
•Inherit wargod level changes from 8 to 5
-Pumpkies: energy reduction per proc is now 40 and inherit selfdestruct level changes from 8 to 5

•On proc: damage reduction is decreased to 30%
•Blind effect is reduced from 1.5s to 1s
•Cooldown is increased to 6s
•Removed immunity to fear

•AoE damage is reduced to 500%
•Petrify is now reduced to 0.5s and adds an attack speed/speed reduce of 30% 
•Energy mitigated reduced from 100 to 65

•Transformation last now 10s
•inherit berserk changes from 8 to 6

Lady Leo:
•inherit bulwark changes from 8 to 6

Beast tamer:
•damage reduction of beast tamer is reduced to 45%
•inherit talent of grizzly changes from 8 to 5

•inherit deadly strike changes from 8 to 6

•Energy increase is reduced to 100

Dread Drake:
Damage reduction is decreased to 65%

Skull knight:
•On proc: Damage cap is increased to 15,000 and increased damage is decreased to 450%

•Silence duration is reduced to 4.5s with a 9s cooldown

•inherit scorch 7 is added and has immunity to energy reduction
•On proc: Reduces up to 4 enemies heroes damage up to 40% for 5s
•Hp increased

•Added autoproc and a 4.5s cooldown 
•On proc: his hammer adds a bleeding effect taking 25% HP of the enemies heroes
•Added inherit heavens wrath 5
•hp increased 

•Added 3000 inherit Dodge
•Added immunity to fear and stun 
•On death: procs on 3 random heroes and inflicts fear for 1 second to all enemie heroes dealing 400% damage
•Attack increased

Thunder god:
•Add a blind effect and increased Area of proc
•added inherit 1,000 crit damage
•inmunity to stun 
•Hp and attack is increased
•changes the attack speed from 1,000 to 600

•Added 2,500 inherit dodge
•add 200 critic chance 
•Added a passive talent (Sacrifice): when ninja's life drops to 10%, it becomes invisible going for the lowest HP hero, dealing 1000% of atk and reducing his healing by 100% while reducing his own health by 2% each second for 5s
(Only trigger once)

•Increased healing up to 450% atk and heals 30% atk every 1s for 6s 
•Increased HP
•basic attacks reduces the atk damage of enemies heroes by 1.5% for 3s (can stack)

Grizzly reaper:
•Tiny speed increase
•Has a chance of 50% to fear up to 3 enemies each proc and increases the healing of proc damage to 35%
•Every basic attack at an enemy drains 4% of his life healing up grizzly

•Added inherit bladeshield level 6

•On proc: reduces the damage immortep takes up to 45% and blinds the enemies each hit by 1.5 seconds
•Increases HP and atk

•On proc: Freezes the target hit for 1 second and reduces his attack speed by 30% for 2 seconds (atk speed reduce can't stack)
•HP increased
•Added inherit Condemnation 5

Death Knight:
•Added autoproc
-Skill change: Now it mitigates all debuffs for up to 4s with a 6.5s cooldown
•HP increased and inherit revive changes from 5 to 6

•Add immunity to freeze and petrify
•Added passive (ork's fury): every 8s orksbane reduces damage taken by 50% for 3s and heals the team half of the damage taken while the passive is active (orksbane can't be killed while passive is active)

•HP increase 
•Added inherit revive 5

And that's all my ideas for today, feel free to give some feedback, it took me some hours, and I will appreciate some constructive opinions, and add some suggestions (If I missed heroes feel free to write it down)

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how does this balance anything? you are just making every hero worse.. it doesnt change anything at all..

Posted on 8/3/17 12:58:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

"I will appreciate some constructive opinions"

Never open your post with "Hi, i know that the game state is actually really bad an the developers doesn't focus on what they need (everyone knows that). But I know that igg is too greedy and this won't make them money".   

This is pretty much a guarantee that any of your suggestions, most of which are reasonable, will be ignored wholesale.  

While balancing of heroes is a viable strategy, chances that shard heroes will get a major buff are pretty slim.   They are too easy to obtain, and are not meant to be powerhouses.   Heck, they are given away to new players these days.

Nerfs are also something that game companies tend not to do.   Problem is that when something is released, player evaluate the usefulness of a feature and invest accordingly.   When you release something powerful, people dump resources into it, and then you say "never mind, too strong" and nerf it, people feel cheated.   When the investment of resources on part of player is wasted through no fault of player, that tends to annoy quite a lot.

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So basically make all heroes the same and make them useless

Posted on 8/3/17 2:03:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would be happy if there was just some way to "rebirth" the old shard heroes, without making the newer ones any stronger or weaker.

I'm sorry you worked so hard to think up your concept, which is a good one, but as you said - it won't fly with IGG.


Posted on 8/3/17 2:12:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree things are the balanced however there does need to be  good heros and bad heros and what would be the point of people spending thousands on heros when they can buy a paladin with shards and be good to go not to mention as already stated that most heros are given away as it is . you can't nerf something that people spent large amounts of time and money on based upon their properties when they recieved them. also pretty much every game in existence is based upon you start of with little and basics and work your way towards things much better and desirable.  I agree that anubis and gs in particular are over powered however they are obtainable by anyone and even the p2w players will always have them first f2p players can and do get them for absolutely nothing. the only issue I see really with the game is the increasing need to spend more and more money to keep up with no recognition  for on going support and thousands that have already been spent considering going someone can join tomorrow spend a fraction of the money of long term heavy spenders and have every hero including demo.  I see you mean well with your intentions but Imo it's not practical for a game to have total balance or to make free and easy to obtain things as useful and desirable  as hard to obtain heros that this game relies on to generate revenue so that it is still operational tomorrow

Posted on 8/3/17 2:46:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Without bad heroes, there wouldn't be good heroes.  The game doesn't need balancing.  Nerfs are not necessary.  User error is not a game flaw.  Develop strategy.  These suggestions steer everything to a bland middle.  What's the fun in "average"?

clash of clans sucks diiiiiii....
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I'm sorry but this game is a buisness it is Mae for people that spend money and will always revolve around that even people that speND don't have everything myself included. f2p is a great addition to have in the game and I have no issues with them even being able to get 99 percent of the same things just understand that there is and always will be a distinct difference between f2p and p2p in any game of that sort and there has to be or the people that do spend would not have much of a reason  to do so. this game is way beyond the point of ever going back to a balanced game and that changed as soon as sm was created when he came out it was impossible to win against him and now he's nearly never used and the same will happen with every other hero eventually. I remember when dd came out I had a very hard time rolling my first one and I told myself ok once I get him I'm done spending cause he's just soo good there won't be a need for any other heros but I was wrong he's not even in my top 10 anymore and I've had over 30 of hinlm. be patient and it will all work out even though I agree it is very frustrating at times

Posted on 8/3/17 10:17:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good suggestions for IGG when they want to kill the game.